I would like to start the free Saturday workshops again – Starting this Saturday 9-4-21

They provided excellent benefits for those participating. They were affordable, and they fostered a sense of community in those of us who were interested in talking to spirits and wanted to learn how to increase our spiritual abilities.

It is short notice, but I will be waiting on zoom to chat with anyone who wishes to join me at 12 noon EDT, this Saturday, September 4.

I think a good topic for this first workshop is to exchange information about what we have learned in the past eight months since our last workshop. For example, I have learned more about spiritual healing and about subtle indicators of spiritual barriers that I have missed in the past.

I would like you to invite any friends who are interested in spirits to attend this workshop, as this will be more of a show and tell event rather than a lecture on esoteric spiritual matters.

Please come join me on Zoom using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 

David St Lawrence

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