Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part Three

If you have been determined enough to actually use what I have written about dealing with non-optimum situations, you have made some desirable changes in your life. As I mentioned in Part One, the best way to handle non-optimum situations is to take them on a gradient. This means that you handle the task you are able to handle and do not get overwhelmed by the magnitude of all of the tasks remaining to be done. That still applies even when you discover how huge and non-optimum the task is that we face on this planet.

You may have observed that the world is in bad shape with governments collapsing every few hundred years and insane solutions being proposed which worsen conditions. You are not wrong. This planet is spiritually sick and there are no solutions of sufficient scope to turn things around. There are solutions like Spiritual Rescue Technology which can reverse the dwindling spiral of an individual but are not widely spread and cannot rescue more than a family at this time.

The problem we face is the presence of degraded and deranged beings who have been placed here to remove them from civilizations which could not rehabilitate them and found it more convenient to dump them on this small planet in the outer edge of a galaxy far away from the main centers of galactic civilization. We are, to put it bluntly, an old prison planet that has also been a location for colonies and military outposts for millions of years. There is some evidence that we have still been used as a dumping ground for undesirable as recently as 8000 years ago. I do not ask you to believe this. Once you do any significant amount of past life research, you will stumble across traces of past catastrophes where millions of beings were given hypnotic suggestions and banished from normal civilizations forever. Don’t get overwhelmed, just listen to the stories these beings tell you and use SRT to bring them out of the past and into present time where they can be put to use again.

If you think of this planet as being haunted by the ghosts of people who were imprisoned here in the distant past, you are on the right track to start putting things right for yourself and for humanity at large.

Once you recognize where some of your ideas come from, you will be in a position to make use of the useful ideas and discard the destructive ones. Think of the situation in this way. Every being in your vicinity is a potential asset if properly motivated. There is an immense body of knowledge at your fingertips if you choose to ask for it in the right way. You are surrounded by beings who developed space travel and have built and managed civilizations of every kind imaginable. Those with more recent lives on Earth have found every type of occupation you can imagine and have made mistakes that you can profit from because you can avoid doing the same.

Every time you create something, whether it be art or a product or a system for doing things, if you can harness the talents of the spiritual beings surrounding you, your work will practically do itself. You may wonder where the truly gifted artist and inventor gets his or her ideas, until you learn to listen to your spiritual companions. Once you do this, you will find that you have more ideas than you can readily use and your problem will be selecting out the ones which will serve you best.

Once you begin to look at your spiritual companions as an asset rather than a threat, your life will begin to expand and your ability to accomplish your dreams will exceed your wildest imagination.

Read all of my books about Spiritual Rescue Technology and apply the data that makes sense to you. You will make progress in whatever field you choose once you harness the capabilities of your spiritual companions and turn them into trusted teammates.

We live on a planet with unlimited opportunities. You have an unlimited number of spirits to rescue and learn from. They can use your help and you can certainly use theirs. Good luck!

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