Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part Two

If you followed the instructions in Part One and chose a suitably low gradient task to achieve, you should have the pleasure of having moved that task to a more optimum state.

I chose to clean my car which has been neglected for at least a year. It is now a shining example of a family automobile and I will endeavor to keep it clean and a credit to our family. I have given my spiritual companions a hearty acknowledgment for their assistance in this matter and they have responded by showing me more things to do to make the car appearance flawless. They like riding in an elegant-looking car rather than a grocery vehicle full of litter.

Let’s increase the gradient and see what we can do with a more serious non-optimum situation. I feel I have been in a holding pattern recently where I do the things I have done before but have not reached out and expanded my reach to new people with new offerings and new challenges.

When I meditated and looked for counter-intentions, I found I have accumulated a vast number of new spiritual companions from SRT sessions delivered to people who are struggling but not winning in life. These beings joined me after my sessions and did so without causing an immediate impact. I noticed that I had attention on some of these clients, but did not take immediate action and search for new sources of life force after the sessions.

The accumulation of new spiritual companions is a continuing process and if I do not monitor the net tone level of the group, I can miss the fact I have accumulated some beings with unhandled problems. They have unhandled engrams which will get triggered when I make changes in my life or attempt to do so. The resulting effect is an overall lowering of tone level and an unwillingness to try anything new. As long as I remained in a holding pattern, I was not exposing these beings to any new threats or causing them to resist me.

I began meditating with the idea that I would tackle the area of expanding my client base and began noticing what the counter-intention was and where it came from. Many of the newer spiritual companions get triggered by the thought of reaching out and directly contacting new people. They also get triggered by my getting into each new person’s space and observing what all of the intentions are. The counter-intentions of each new person triggers my spiritual companions’ counter-intentions and they resist the pain and embarrassment this creates.

Exposing yourself to a new audience can be painful if you carry active memories of painful rejections by groups you have tried to help and this is the point where my newer spiritual companions exist, as they are still stuck in those past incidents which produced pain and unconsciousness and death, of course.

Once you perceive that spirits are being triggered, you just follow standard SRT practice and get them to locate the incident they are stuck in and bring them to present time through caring conversation. This wakes them up enough so that you can then let them know they are immortal and have many more lifetimes to live if they choose to do so.

Once they are sufficiently in present time, you can ask them if they wish to continue doing what they were doing and they will generally indicate they are ready to leave for more interesting places. If they wish to stay and help, you need to find what they are interested in doing and give them an opportunity to join in and be productive.

If this sounds like more than you can handle, give me a call and we will set up sessions to handle some of your non-optimum situations and train you to handle most of the rest of them in the future. I find that my clients do best when they are actively doing solo sessions every week and then calling on me to help with non-optimum situations that resist being handled. You might think of me as the heavy-duty spiritual cleaning service who you only call in for difficult to confront areas. In that way, you will continue to gain experience and enjoy uninterrupted gains in awareness and abilities.

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