Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part One

For the purposes of this discussion, non-optimum means a situation that obviously should be improved, and yet nothing effective has been done about it for a very long time.

If you look out into the world, there are enough examples of non-optimum situations in politics, homelessness, and education to bring you to a state of apathy, so I am not proposing solutions to those situations at this time.

I am focusing attention on the limited areas of your personal life where you have been tolerating situations which could be readily improved and yet you have made no progress and have no immediate plans to make changes. It could be said that you have gone into apathy in these situations because you can’t seem to make any headway toward dealing with them.

These long-term non-optimum situations are absolute indications of spiritual interference in your life. You will not be able to resolve them until you manage to overcome the adverse intentions that are preventing progress in these areas.

Our society has developed systems for intervening in our lives and groups to perform the necessary interventions so that harmful behavior patterns are stopped if the person recognizes they cannot change things by themselves. When these interventions work, they do so because the person is encouraged to change their behavior and is supported by a support group that keeps them stable. This support overcomes the spiritual influence of the beings who surround and influence us every day. These interventions have worked after a fashion for many years, but there is a simpler solution for those who are willing to consider a completely spiritual solution.

All spirits have intentions and are trying to get those intentions expressed in the material universe. If a spirit has most of its attention stuck on past events which have perceptions of pain, unconsciousness, shame, blame, regret, grief, death, or any other non-survival emotion, almost any activity you take to put order into your life will trigger one of these memories and will lower your ability to stay in present time and deal with your situation.

The best way to deal with these spirits and their negative attitudes toward life is to take things on a gradient. Find one trivial thing about your life that is non-optimum and has remained so for a long time. Do not start with the biggest and most obvious problem, select the one which can be corrected in a few hours or one day.

For example, your car is dirty inside and out and has accumulated food wrappers, receipts, and face masks, in the passenger compartment and the trunk.

Try to write down what has to be done to handle the situation right now. Notice all of the counter-intentions that appear and write them down. Give yourself an SRT solo session and locate all of the beings who are objecting to your cleaning up the car. Handle them or recruit them until you have no further counter-intentions and are actually cleaning up the car. Give yourself and your spiritual teammates an acknowledgment and take a win on handling your first non-optimum situation. Write up your successful actions and share them with others.

If you got stuck while attempting to handle some aspects of this situation, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from those who have solved this for themselves.

In Part Two, I will discuss dealing with some more serious non-optimum situations and how to create a workable approach to handling future situations before they become serious.

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