Spiritual Rescue Technology Is Uniquely Designed to Deal With The “Earth Case”

Several of my readers have coined the name, ”Earth Case” to describe my views of the spiritual setup of Earth People as opposed to the spiritual setup of people living on other planets. On this planet, a being running a body is accompanied by a vast number of other spirits who participate in running the body and influencing the decisions made.

This state of affairs seems to result from the history of this planet as a prison planet for wayward and criminal spiritual beings. According to my observations, the planet became a dumping ground for spirits who did not fit into orderly societies and became a threat to those societies. Those spirits who were dumped here were crippled in various ways so they would not be a future threat to the civilizations from which they came. Implanting and hypnotic suggestions can cripple a spiritual being and make it unable to function normally, but such a being seems to retain the ability to intend harm and seek revenge for what has been done to it.

On other planets, from my limited observations, the number of discarnate spiritual companions at work is significantly fewer. The classic model of a spirit running a body is closer to the truth.

On this planet, we are surrounded by spirits who are not up to taking over a body and running it on their own but they have intentions they make known to us every day. For some unfortunate people, their mental processes resemble a mob scene rather than an orderly flow of organized thoughts.

In addition to being a prison planet, this planet has been the target of many colonization efforts and even invasions. Atlantis and Lemuria and others were examples of well-financed groups coming in and setting up ideal communities which inexplicably failed after a while. When a group arrives on Earth and is not prepared to deal with a vast number of roaming spiritual beings, the presence of random thoughts will create instability and growing insanity. Earth civilizations are lucky to last for more than a few hundred years while other civilizations throughout the galaxy seem to last for tens of thousands of years.

Not all spirits sent to this planet were mentally crippled, some came here voluntarily or as part of a military or colonizing mission. Their purpose may have been noble and well organized, but exposure to this planet and its peculiar collection of disembodied spirits caused every one of these well-meant efforts to become degraded and confused after a while. So we have a spiritual population of adventurers and colonists and an enormous population of crippled spirits who can only observe and interfere with activities that seem to threaten them.

Those of us who are running businesses, raising families, and trying to make a life for ourselves are making our way through a veritable fog of spiritual interference. It is no wonder that persons of great responsibility often end up being revealed as frauds and scoundrels with secrets that they cannot reveal. They are laboring under the burden of trying to live a decent life with innumerable spirits offering shortcuts and easy ways to cheat or find illicit pleasure.

You are trying to stay on the straight and narrow path of ethical existence and you have spiritual advisors suggesting that you should have another drink or that someone of the opposite sex is willing and able to make your evening exciting and memorable. It can be hard to stay focused on company affairs when you have spirits drawing your attention to pleasurable activities.

The other aspect of the Earth Case is that all of your accompanying spirits have had painful experiences which can be triggered by your actions of today. Births, deaths, social situations, marriages, divorces, betrayals, weddings, funerals, accidents, and even unexpected success, can trigger unpleasant reactions from your spiritual companions. Allergies, reactions to political slogans, fear of closeness, religious intolerance, and indecision can all come from the experiences your spiritual companions have suffered through. Your spirits affect your taste in fashion, your choice of mates, your ability to succeed in life, and your desire to enjoy life.

Modern counseling can help you deal with these things, but only about 15% of your woes are from your own experiences and more than 85% come from the experiences of your spiritual companions.

To achieve lasting relief from the vicissitudes of life, you need to be able to deal with the traumas your spiritual companions have suffered from and that has been the mission of Spiritual Rescue Technology. Just as conventional counseling helps you deal with unpleasant events of the past, SRT helps your spirits deal with their past experiences and sets them free to live productive lives again.

When we all recognize the dimensions of our Earth Case, we will be on the way to dealing with it in an organized manner. On the upside, we have found that working with the beings who surround us gives us a supply of spiritual teammates who can assist us materially in many different ways.

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