If Your Gains From SRT Appear To Be Slowing…

You need the version of Spiritual Rescue Technology that incorporates tried and tested auditing commands that stir up hidden charge that is deeply buried but still affecting your ability to expand and succeed.

Classic SRT is a conversation. This conversational process requires a fair degree of skill and it requires that the problem is one the client can put his attention on easily. What do you suppose happens when the client has many hours of counseling and has handled most of the charged areas that he and his spiritual comrades are aware of? You either spend hours working over well-trod ground in hopes of finding more charge or the client decides he needs a rest and goes off to enjoy life.

One of the advantages of Scientology processing was that they built up a huge library of processes to achieve specific results. They have assessment lists for almost every item you could imagine so you could determine what areas of life and what dynamics the person has charge on.

You have confessionals for hundreds of subjects and all 8 dynamics which let you find destructive actions the person has done and the charge he has from hiding it from others. The questions probe for charge on unlikely actions that have caused you to accumulate spiritual beings who are still trying to harm you for what you have done in the distant past.

Then there are the L Rundowns which handle things that are handled nowhere else. They’re a special class of rundown; they increase a person’s power and effectiveness. They remove those things that can make a person less of himself and far less powerful and causative as a being. We are handling main areas of resistiveness that are stopping the person from expanding.

L10 is an action that really releases a person’s power on the third and fourth dynamic. It takes off the stops that hold a person back on these dynamics and most of the commands can be run on the person and his spiritual companions.

Some of the questions that might appear on a person’s custom SRT L10 program could be,

“Have you or your spiritual companions been made to feel inadequate sexually?”

“Have you or your spiritual companions been ousted from a group for no good reason?”

“Have you or your spiritual companions used MEST to do something evil?

“Have you been indoctrinated into thinking a certain way?”

“Are certain religions harmful?”

“Is there a space you or your spiritual companions are forbidden to occupy?”

“Is there a past life that you or your spiritual companions can’t talk about?”

There are many questions like these that zero in on different dynamics and bring up areas of charge that two-way communication is unlikely to discover.

There is an excellent Ethics Repair List that can be run to proof a person up against injustices, failed purposes, and evil intentions across the dynamics. It has questions like,
“Have you or your spiritual companions ever been falsely accused?

“Have you or your spiritual companions been given a wrong indication?

“Have you or your spiritual companions ever been expelled from a group?”

All of these processes can be tailored to your individual needs so they deal with the abilities you wish to gain. There are many more than I have described here and you can read the attached link and see what processes might interest you and give you the boost you need. Use this link to learn more: tinyurl.com/rd2pdt3x

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