When All Else Fails Why Not Look For A Spiritual Solution?

Our bodies react to environmental stimuli in various ways. Some of us love cats and cat fur and feel grateful for their company. Other people swell up and experience difficulty breathing in the presence of a cat. Some people are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, while others are indifferent to it. Some people love seafood and others loathe it.

The medical profession has devised all sorts of tests to see what we are allergic to and has developed various solutions to reduce our reactions to various common sources of physical distress. Medicines and avoidance seem to be the most common solutions for adverse reactions to environmental triggers but they require the continuing application of medicine or observance of limits to exposure.

I have reason to believe that spiritual factors may be a more significant driving force in producing an allergic reaction to environmental stimuli than the commonly accepted chemical factors. I, myself, have suffered severe reactions to external stimuli and found myself incapacitated for hours, and only began to recover when I could spot the earlier incidents that were being restimulated. My reactions were physical and very real, but they changed rapidly when an earlier incident was spotted.

One memorable incident occurred one spring when touring Thomas Jefferson’s home near Charlottesville, VA. We were walking on a path near some magnificent oak trees and I choked up and could not breathe. The trees were in flower and the pollen acted like a poison to me, while my wife had no reaction whatsoever. When I spotted an incident from an earlier lifetime, the symptoms ceased immediately.

I had a severe reaction to a well-known brand of lox and was physically sick for hours until I spotted an incident that was restimulated.

It could be said that I might be more sensitive to restimulation because I have opened up my past lives with my spiritual activity, but people who have had no spiritual experiences suffer from allergies and can’t seem to shake them.

I am suggesting that anyone who has a persisting condition that resists treatment with modern medicine should consider whether some spiritual distress is being created by an environmental factor. I know a person who is extremely sensitive to mold and will instantly show signs of distress when walking into an old building. I know of another person who is sensitive to low-level electromagnetic radiation and this is making their life miserable. I know of another person who is sensitive to changes in barometric pressure that others cannot even detect.

All of these reactions are real and troublesome for the people involved. I would like to assist anyone who wishes to determine if their particular problem has a spiritual component as well as a chemical or physical component.

My reasoning in this matter is that all of these adverse reactions cause a drop in a person’s life force, either in the whole body or in some part of the body. Life force is a spiritual phenomenon and is affected by physical and spiritual forces. Communicating with the spiritual aspects of your environment allows you to spot intentions that are attacking you or your body and deal with them. When you are subjected to forces or radiation that trigger emotional responses, you can get very sick and not know why. Some simple SRT processes will uncover what is actually going on and will help to set you free from whatever is influencing you in a negative way.

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