The Acid Test – Making A Future Event Happen

One of the most difficult exercises I have ever done is to work with a group to make a future event happen. In workshop after workshop, the participants would get overwhelmed as they tried to envision a future reality.

We could all talk about the process, but when it came to actually doing the steps of the process there were deflections and distractions like you would not believe. It showed me that this could not be accomplished as a group process and later when I did this in one-on-one sessions, it was still one of the most difficult actions to complete.

I never did a future event rundown, but I have the feeling that one of these is required if a person is to be reasonably free of the barriers raised when we try to make a future event real.

Now people make future events happen every day, so what is the barrier that exists when we try to make an arbitrary event occur as we wish it to occur? I think it is the fact that our future events are being promoted by a consensus of our spiritual companions and when we think of something we want to happen, they have already decided that this will be a good thing. We, who are nominally in charge, think we are making a decision but we are just tipping the scales in one direction or another or more likely going along with the flow.

Let’s say we decide it would be a good thing to give up drinking and one day, without fanfare, we just put away all of the bottles of good stuff and don’t take them out anymore. Months go by without any urge to partake of the fruit of the vine and we realize that we don’t even miss it. We attend parties where others imbibe and we drink sparkling water or soda instead without any urge to join in the drinking. When this happens, your spirit guides and all of your other spirits are in agreement with your course of action.

I have had this phenomenon occur where I gave up smoking and drinking at the age of 43 after a detoxification program that also cleansed my body of chemicals and drugs as well as alcohol and nicotine. I had a realization during this program that chemicals do get stored in your body for unbelievable lengths of time and this realization occurred when I started tasting Argyrol during my detoxification. Argyrol is a bitter-tasting antiseptic that was used when I had my tonsils removed at age 7 and it was still in my body at age 43! I made the decision and my spirits seemed to agree that we did not need to smoke or drink or eat artificial flavors ever again.

It took a detox program to get all of my spirits in agreement, but almost any disciplined activity will coax your spiritual companions to operate in harmony. Once they are acting in harmony, you as the ringleader can coax them into a pro-survival activity.

So, how does this relate to accomplishing future goals? If there is something you desire to accomplish and it is not happening, you need to spot the counter-intentions and make a list of them. I think you find this easier than you might think if you concentrate on spotting the counter-intentions and listing them and hold off on trying to handle them until you have collected every counter-intention, including the ones that say, “this is a waste of time”.

You may be able to handle some of these counter-intentions yourself and I urge you to do so if you can. However, I am almost certain that they will prevent you from handling them and that is why you will need a partner to run SRT on these counter-intentions.

If you do not have a trained partner handy, give me a call and we can handle the counter-intentions that are resisting your efforts. Once we have handled the really resistant beings, you will probably be able to handle the rest yourself. Most beings are willing to help you and will stop being ornery when we communicate with them in a caring way.

You will know you are on your way when you are consistently able to start new projects and carry them through to completion. It is like a flow of creativity opens up and life will never be the same.

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