Do You Have A Problem That Was Never Handled In Scientology?

If you have a problem that was never handled in Scientology, or Free Scientology, or in any other type of spiritual counseling including witchcraft, I will be happy to offer you a free diagnostic counseling session on Zoom to see why you could not achieve what you wished to achieve.

I have 45 years of counseling experience to draw upon and will be happy to help you identify the real reason your problem was never handled. In some cases of long-standing problems, I have been able to provide relief in a single session, but in almost all cases I will be able to determine what is preventing you from solving your problem and suggest some course of action that you can pursue if you wish.

In some cases, just knowing how the problem was created will allow you to work out solutions for yourself. In the event that the problem requires spiritual counseling, we can set up a program and a schedule that works for you.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, send me an email at with the dates and times you would be available for a diagnostic counseling session. Please indicate your current location also because I am in the Eastern United States.

David St Lawrence

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