Can You Recognize Counter-Intention?

When you talk to someone, are you able to sense when they do not agree with you and when they feel you are doing something wrong? Have you ever had someone disapprove of you? These are just a few examples of counter-intention.

When you sense these intentions, you are not using any of your five human senses, although you might see or hear something that will give you a clue that someone disapproves of you. Their intention is what makes them look hostile or say hostile things to you.

Counter-intention makes you feel bad and it lessens your vitality. You feel less and less alive.

If I were to share a lot of really interesting gossip and scary news with you, do you think that would make you feel good and full of life? It certainly would not and this is what mainstream media does every day for you. I can guarantee that if you read social media and mainstream news you will go rapidly down tone emotionally and your life force will diminish.

The state of your life force is such a reliable indicator of the presence of counter-intention that I strongly suggest that you learn to monitor your life force and use this as your first indicator of counter-intention. If you are talking to someone or visiting a place and your life force is dropping, you are being subjected to counter-intention even if you do not recognize that this is happening.

Much of the counter-intention you will encounter will be external to your body and will be generated by something in your environment. This is usually addressed by removing yourself from that area or taking steps to reduce the counter-intention through action or negotiation.

Far more subtle sources of counter-intention can exist in your body. You can have parasites, infection, cancer, bacteria, and even spiritual sources of counter-intention. Anything that is working against the well-being of the body is exhibiting counter-intention and can be addressed by spotting the counter-intention and communicating with the area in a caring way. The actual healing process is beyond the scope of this article but is covered in some detail in my previous articles.

The purpose of this article is to increase your awareness of your personal life force and how it is affected by what you are exposing yourself to. There are many external events that can trigger a negative reaction in your body or your mind. These include foods you eat or drink, people you talk to, movies you watch, and news articles you read. Your work environment can have a major effect on your physical and mental health and far too many people seem to think that a high-paying job in a competitive environment is a normal way of earning a living.

I have seen far too many executives living in fear that their next mistake will be their last. A work environment that seems welcoming at first can turn into an emotional minefield where you have to watch what you say or do or you can be threatened with demotion or dismissal. If you have a stressful job, you are dealing with counter-intention and it will reduce your life force and will eventually make you ill.

A supportive environment can be challenging, but the counter-intention will come from outside the group and not from your supposed teammates. The same is true of relationships. If you have to constantly prove yourself to your family or spouse, you are getting counter-intention instead of support. You need to think seriously about finding a better relationship if you desire to live long.

If you look at the people you know who are healthy and happy, you will find that they have managed to find a way to live with a minimum of stress in their lives. They have found a way to live in harmony with those they share their lives with. Living in harmony means they are not experiencing counter-intention.

Take a good hard look at your life and see what sources of counter-intention exist and do your best to get rid of them.

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