Understanding Life Force – Part One

First of all, let’s review where Life Force comes from and what it does.

Life Force is an energy produced by spirits and it animates all living things. You might say that life force comes from the spiritual realm and manifests itself in the material world as living bodies, living plants, and other organisms. If something is alive, it is because a spirit is animating it.

Let me repeat this for emphasis: If something is alive, a spirit is animating it.

I will give you a few moments to consider the ramifications of that fact. For example, people are alive and you are quite certain of that. Animals are alive and you are fairly certain of that. You can tell because you are capable of detecting life force even if it does not fall into the five human senses. If something is alive, it generally exhibits motion and growth and responds to stimuli. The motion, growth, and response to stimuli can be rapid or very, very slow but it is measurable, even at microscopic levels.

When you continue to observe how far this behavior extends, you quickly realize that cockroaches, slime molds, and bacteria are alive, so are all of the cells in your body. They are all animated by life force and share the behavior of all living things. They are all animated by spirits.

Let’s review the statement I made earlier and get more specific: If something is alive, spirits are animating every part of it that is alive. 

Your body is a collection of living things and every single part that is alive is animated by a spirit, even the parts you may not consider your body. The bacteria and viruses inhabiting your body are alive and are animated by spirits. Any parasites you are carrying are alive and have their own spirits and intentions. Every blood cell is alive and has its own level of life force depending on the spiritual health of the spirit animating it.

Your body is a collection of living systems, all of them consisting of cells that are animated by spirits. Those of us who have gained an awareness of spiritual beings can observe differences in life force levels in various parts of the body and can affect these levels by communicating with the spirits involved. This communication can make the cells more alive or less alive, depending on the intention of the communication.

This is why some people are natural healers and can lay hands on a person and make them feel better or completely relieve them of pain. Other people with greater ability can put attention on a body part or internal organ and handle problems that normally require ordinary medical attention. 

People who communicate with spirits can use their abilities to spot spiritual distress when it occurs and can relieve this distress whether the living thing being affected is an animal or vegetable.

From reading the above you may have gathered that the level of life force produced by a spirit is related to the spiritual health of that spirit. A spirit emanates life force and does not have to be animating a body to be a source of life force. Many people are able to perceive spirits whether they are in a physical body or not. They are perceiving the life force directly without having to see a living organism that is being animated.

Those of you who are trying to spot the life force of beings without bodies and can’t seem to pick them out should consider how difficult it is to pick out an individual drop of water in a lake or ocean. When you are totally surrounded by something, like water, smoke, or spirits, you can feel the effect of what you are surrounded with but cannot pick out individual molecules or particles. When many spirits are putting out thoughts and emotions, it is extremely difficult to pick out one being’s thoughts.

When you meditate and get your spirits to quiet down, you can begin to perceive isolated life forces and can help them if you wish.

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