All Scientology States Are Merely Releases

Every type of spiritual processing, whether exorcisms, Scientology, Spiritualism, PEAT Processing, EMDR, Yoga, or any other of the 75 odd practices that improve the spiritual quality of your life produce results because they create RELEASES. Something that was bothering you has been removed and you feel better, maybe even fantastic. These releases are totally valid, but they are not and never will be permanent.

Evidence from thousands of SRT cases shows that gains from Scientology processing are real, but they are not permanent. I was a Scientology auditor for about 18 years and had many wins in session and delivering sessions to others. I also noticed that after a relatively short period, months or years, everyone, including me, would sink back into the doldrums from which we had emerged.

The accepted reason was that we were exposed to suppression and needed to get our ethics in and stop associating with suppressive individuals. They did not accept the fact that we are surrounded by troubled beings who affect our thoughts and behavior every day.

Every brand of Scientology has the same problem of impermanent gains because they do not recognize the effect that continually being surrounded by spirits with engrams will produce. You can get rid of many of your own engrams with Scientology or Dianetic processing, but you will never clear the thousands of beings who surround you every day. 

Getting rid of troublesome spirits is like dusting your house or washing your car. As soon as you finish cleaning things up, there is another group of spirits landing on you.

If you had been told that your house or car will stay clean forever, you would laugh at the idea. If you receive an exorcism or Scientology processing, which is much the same thing, you may think you are good to go forever.

Sorry, but this is far from the actual situation. You have cleared away some troublesome spirits and others will replace them as soon as you go out into society, or visit a hospital, or cemetery, or have intimate contact with someone. Spirits happily jump from one person to another, even during spiritual counseling sessions! If you argue with someone or fight with someone, you are almost sure to take some of their beings home with you. In fact, you will pick up spirits while walking down a city street, and you will be able to tell because you will still have attention on some person you met on the way.

I had a client ask me if I ever experienced losing gains after processing and I told him I see this every day and it does not bother me because these gains are only releases and I can get more releases whenever I wish by communicating with the spirits surrounding me. If I become aware of a negative emotion while I am trying to create something, I merely locate the spirits responsible for the emotion and chat with them until they leave or decide to work with me. 

Any spirit who is bothering you while you are trying to do something useful is out of present time and is stuck in some old incident. If you care to read my recent book, Talking To Spirits, you should be able to handle much of this yourself. You just give yourself a release by setting the troubled spirit free. You can do these thousands of times with SRT. The supply of spirits is endless.

There is nothing wrong with achieving releases, especially when you can do them yourself, day after day for the rest of your existence.

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