Life Force Versus Life Energy

I have been trying to get a grip on the difference between Life Force and Life Energy, and my spiritual companions suggest that it is easier to understand if we consider Life Force as Volume and Life Energy as a spectrum of frequencies.

Life Force is how alive something is and a person can be very alive and extremely angry or she can be very alive and in extreme exhilaration. They can be very lethargic and be content or be resentful. Thus we can use the concept of volume and frequency to characterize Life Force versus Life Energy.

I can now revise my earlier article on Life Force to separate these two concepts.

Life Force covers a range between death and unstoppable activity. Life Force is a level of action.

Life Energy covers an emotional range between being nothing and godlike serenity. Life Energy is a range of intentions.

They seem to be related and my feeling at this time is that Life Energy or intentions controls the Life Force of a person or being.

You should test this for yourself and see if your emotions affect how alive you feel. For example, if your feelings are hurt, you do not feel healthy and energetic. If you are admired, you feel good and you want to do things.

This is very well known in some spiritual practices as they caution against allowing yourself to be exposed to suppressive influences. In the presence of suppression, you will get sick and will make mistakes, while in an encouraging environment you will be healthy and successful. The difference between a hostile environment and a supportive environment is the Life Energy (intentions) that are present.

You can see this for yourself when you go into a garden or out into nature, The Life Energy in an unspoiled environment is peaceful and oriented toward growth. People have long been known to take a walk in the woods or in open fields to calm themselves. The intentions (Life Energies) of plant life are rarely hostile.

If you can train yourself to notice Life Energies in your environment, you can begin to avoid harmful energies and to seek out beneficial energies. If you can train yourself to recognize Life Force as a unique level of activity, you can align yourself with that level that suits your needs.

There will be additional articles on increasing Life Force and working with Life Energies to achieve specific goals.

Feel free to offer your refinements on how we can usefully consider these two phenomena.

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