When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

This quote from Yogi Berra comes from directions to get to his house. Either choice would bring you to the same place.

In my 40-odd years of working with spirits, I have always endeavored to keep to the path that leads to more knowledge. This caused me to range further and further off the beaten path of commonly accepted spiritual beliefs and has made it difficult for some of my students, friends, and even family to feel comfortable with what I kept discovering.

I have finally found a fork in the road that satisfies both my urge to discover new things about the spiritual realm and offers a path that almost anyone can grasp and use without having to bother with any of the weird and uncomfortable stuff about invisible beings and mind control. I plan on forging ahead in both directions and you are free to take either or both as the mood strikes you. Our future articles will be directed at Energies or at Knowledge.


This new fork in the road of spiritual exploration deals with energies, how to recognize them and use them to make friends, recognize profitable clients, avoid troublesome relationships, and live a happier and more successful life. You will be able to apply this knowledge immediately without having to understand spirits and the history of this planet and other icky stuff. You will find the terms used are quite familiar so you will not have to learn a new vocabulary in order to be successful in harnessing and using these energies.

We human beings are quite good at using energies without having to understand how they occur. We were using fire on this planet long before we understood oxidation. We used fur and feathers for insulation long before we understood the principles of thermal conductivity. We use gravity every day and we still don’t know exactly how gravity works. We can sense harmonious and hostile energies as well as intentions, attention, emotions, from the time we are infants and we have learned that these energies are emitted by all life forms. When you first notice the desperation of an injured or dying plant, you begin to understand that we are all connected and our understanding of these energies is vital to our survival.

I am going to create websites and platforms dedicated to articles and discussions about the creation and use of good energies and dealing with bad energies. I will be consolidating some of my existing Facebook-based sites like Admiration Power and Spirit Voices into a single group dealing with life energy. I will also create a Telegram channel devoted to this topic. All of the articles will be focused on the understanding and use of life energy to make your life easier and happier.


The other fork will continue in the direction of learning more about the interactions of spirits and their effects upon us and the world at large. We will continue to analyze the spiritual composition of our personalities, how to create future states of beingness, and continue to create a technology that is indistinguishable from magic. This is the fork that takes a willingness to experience a continuing change of viewpoint and it will continue to challenge everything we thought we knew.

As we continue to explore the dimensions of the spiritual realms, we may spin off other endeavors for the application of what we have discovered. We pursue knowledge because there is so much we don’t know and as we break it down into practical applications, we can spin off other discussion groups to take advantage of what was learned.

I expect we will encounter other forks in the road. I hope that some of you will be able to stick with me on this uncharted voyage into the unknown. It will not be boring.

1 thought on “When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

  1. Hans Burch

    Warum sich nicht gleich mit der 3. Art befassen: der Realität? Blosse Energie existiert nicht, Geister nur aus Gedanken existieren nicht. Was existiert, sind Wesen (Lebewesen), die ganz sind und ohne zeitliche Beschränkung. Wir sind auch eins, also ist der Umgang nicht so abwegig. Dass sie sich bei uns einmischen, ist nicht tolerierbar, also muss eine Lösung gefunden werden.
    Die Lösung: sich auf sie einzulassen und bis in die tiefsten Abgründe Zusammenhänge zu begreifen, geschieht dann Schritt für Schritt. Von uns wird dann eine Lösung gefordert, die uns gut und lebenswert erscheint. Jemand anderen zu beeinflussen ist dabei nicht nötig.
    Meiner Erfahrung nach ist dabei ein stetiger Fortschritt der eigenen Fähigkeiten und Sicherheit zu erwarten. Diese Anforderungen sind hoch, es ist aber leicht zu begreifen. Ich hoffe es wird auf der ganzen Erde angewendet, was einen Durchbruch bedeuten würde.

    Translation from Deepl Pro:
    Why not deal with the 3rd kind right away: reality? Mere energy does not exist, spirits only from thoughts do not exist. What exists, are beings (living beings), which are whole and without temporal limitation. We are also one, so the contact is not so absurd. That they interfere with us is not tolerable, so a solution must be found.
    The solution: to get involved with them and to understand connections down to the deepest abysses, then happens step by step. We are then required to find a solution that seems good and worth living for. To influence someone else is not necessary.
    In my experience, a steady progress of one’s own abilities and security is to be expected. These demands are high, but it is easy to understand. I hope it will be applied on the whole earth, which would mean a breakthrough.


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