If You Can’t Perceive Spirits – Try Sensing Your Energy

This hospital has the right idea. We should all do the same.

When you behave in an unkind or angry way, you fill the area with hostile energy. When you have thoughts of doing offensive acts, you project energy that affects everyone in your area. When you can’t control your thoughts and impulses and are barely keeping yourself from breaking down, your energy is so chaotic that others will pick up your insanity and will suffer as a result.

On the other hand, when your emotions are under control and your energy is calm and peaceful, you have a calming effect on others.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology we know that we are surrounded by spirits who can act as multipliers of our own energies. So if we do not discipline ourselves to act rationally and keep our energies in check, our careless actions will disturb our spiritual companions and our destructive emotions and energies can take us out of control. If we are seething because of some insult or physical oppression, we transmit that emotion and negative energy to everyone in our vicinity.

As the sign says, we should take a slow deep breath and make sure our energy is in check before dealing with others. This is not only true for hospital visits, but is also necessary for job interviews, meetings, family discussions, and any social interaction with others. It applies as well to Facebook comments, phone conversations, and emails.

Harmful energy produces unpleasant results on others. It is actually more unpleasant than offensive body odor.

If you want to enjoy a happier existence, keep your energy in check.

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