Creating a Brighter Future For Yourself And Those You Care For

It is very difficult to communicate about this to people who are busy doing the same things over and over hoping that things will get better.

We usually have to hit some wall in our career or our lives before it dawns on us that we need to change our ways of dealing with others. Being fired from a company you helped to start is a good wake-up call. So is discovering that the wives and girlfriends you have linked up with over the years have never shared your values or your views for the future. Some people can see when a highway is turning into a deserted road and others have to run off the end into the woods before they wake up.

Having hit the wall in my corporate career five times, and having made all of the mistakes you are allowed to make in relationships at least five times, I finally found my way about 30 years ago and have been learning more ever since. I have total certainty that anyone who really wishes to change can improve the state they are in. The major barriers are as follows:

A belief that someone else can save you from your folly.

An inability to perceive helpful and harmful intentions

A desire to be recognized as a victim

Any desire for revenge

An inability to recognize sources of distraction

Working on false or incomplete data

You can rid yourself of these barriers if you look for them and handle them. If you know they are there and can’t imagine how to get rid of them, find a competent counselor and get help.

Once you recognize that you are ultimately responsible for every situation you find yourself in, you will be able to find an honorable resolution to your current problem and any future problems. As you work your way toward full control of your life, you will encounter confusions and may be tempted to ignore them and press on. DO NOT PASS ANY CONFUSIONS WITHOUT RESOLVING THEM SATISFACTORILY IF YOU WISH TO SUCCEED.

Every confusion you encounter sticks your attention and renders you stupid for a while or permanently. Accumulate enough confusions and you will fail in whatever field you are in. When your attention is stuck on a confusion, you lose some of your life force and your ability to thrive and work miracles ceases.

So, assuming you wish to create a brighter future now that you have been fired from the job of a lifetime or have discovered that your loved ones have other intentions than sharing your future, where do you start?

Why not start with determining your own true intentions? What do you actually need and want in order to improve your life? Who else approves of those intentions? Where can you find them? What do you have to exchange with these people so they will support you? What are their true intentions? Are you willing to share your full intentions with these people and if not, why are you pursuing a relationship with them?

Can you trust yourself to do the right thing in this new venture? If not, what do you have to handle first? Do you know what is required to be trustworthy? Do you know what to look for to trust another? Are you able to stay in the present moment when pursuing this brighter future? If not, what is needed to ensure that you can stay in the present while creating a future?

It does not matter if you are pursuing a new job or a lasting relationship, if you are open about your intentions, you will find it easy to ask these others about their intentions and to choose to associate only with those whose intentions mirror yours.

When you are being open and honest and are intending to help and keep in your exchange, it becomes immediately apparent if the other parties are not being honest about achieving mutual goals. If you maintain your integrity and separate immediately from any degrading relationships or job opportunities, you will eventually locate a relationship that will align with your future intentions.

If you learn to operate in the present moment and use admiration in your dealings with others, you will be creating beneficial effects on everyone you meet. You will bring out the best in everyone you meet and will be able to create a future that will benefit yourself and others.

Keep an eye out for confusions and indecision and handle either of these as soon as you become aware of them. If you do that and maintain your integrity, you will find you are creating a brighter future for yourself and for those you care for.

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