Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part Three

In case you may have forgotten, the reason the future is so hard to predict is that it is created by the intentions of ALL of the people involved in that future and those who wish to prevent it. This includes the intentions of the spirits you are dragging around with you and the ones who just happen to be in your vicinity. Now, do you see how complex the creation of any specific future can be?

Even if you don’t believe in disembodied spiritual beings, you are probably aware that not everyone you know wants you to succeed. If they outnumber the people who want you to succeed, you are probably having a difficult time in life. I don’t want you to run around looking for boogeymen, but intention is a real thing and if you have been spending a lot of your life making people unhappy and angry, it has a real effect on your ability to make things go right.

If you have been spreading light and love like a few wonderful people on this planet, you are benefiting from the return flow that results from that action.

If you have been acting destructively for some unknown reason, you are inviting people to hate you and your life can become a living hell. Those people who become powerful by destroying others are reaping a bitter harvest of increasing counter-intention from those they destroy.

You may not be aware that you can perceive intentions, but it is actually the easiest flow of psychic energy that you can perceive. It is not one of the five human perceptions like touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing, but it is real perception and you ignore it at your peril.

Children are very good at perceiving intentions and often perturb their parents when they say someone is a bad person. “Mr. Miller looks at me funny! It bothers me!”

“No Dear! That is just Mr. Miller, the grocer! We have known him for years!”

Older people get to be very good at suppressing their perceptions if it involves being impolite.

There are drills you can do to increase your ability to sense intentions, but life itself can give you enough examples of good and bad intentions to enable you to train yourself to recognize the feeling when someone has evil intentions toward you.

You are probably beginning to see why it is so difficult to predict a future event if it involves more than a very few people. Your ability to predict is based on your ability to perceive intentions. If you are not able to perceive intentions clearly, you will have little chance of determining what is being intended and what the future holds.

You may not be able to clearly see your own intentions because your spirit guides and demons may have all sorts of intentions that overlay yours and dilute them. You intend to go to the gym and exercise, and your spirits intend that you have a snack and nap. Which path do you take? It will depend on your ability to exercise control over your actions. If you do not have mental discipline, your spirits are probably controlling you instead of you controlling them.

If you are not operating in the present moment, you are not observing what is happening and your perceptions are not taking what is really happening. You will not be perceiving intentions that others have toward you and toward your future. Your ability to create a future depends on your ability to remain focused on the present moment and on your spiritual companions.

In Part Four I will discuss examples of how you can create a future with someone that will work for both of you and how to create and maintain trust with that person.

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