Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part One

You may have read that the future is a result of our intention. That is almost a true statement. The fully correct statement is that the future is the result of all intentions held by those who are affected by that future. This is why the projections of seers and fortune tellers are so often wrong.

They are able to read the intentions of the major players in some future situation, but sometimes they do not reach far enough to see all of the intentions directed at that future state.

Let this be fully understood:


Let’s take the too common situation of a woman and man deciding to marry. If they manage to reach agreement on when, where, and who to invite, there are still the intentions of all of the parents and even grandparents to consider. If there are significant differences in what these people intend to happen, what do you think will result? Social media is full of stories about weddings that turned into horror shows because the people involved could not reach a peaceful agreement. 

Even when a group agrees that something should happen, the final result will be skewed by those whose intention differs in some regard from the rest of the group. 

When I was running the South Bay Mission in southern California, we decided to move the mission to a new area. We ran a few group sessions to determine the new location and how we would accomplish the move. We were able to spot where we were going to move by looking for the route our truck would take when doing the move. After that session, we drove down the road until we reached the spot where our trail ended. We were in front of a strip mall with a vacancy over a coffee shop. The next day I called the rental agency and we were able to secure the perfect location for an affordable rental.

This is what can happen when everyone is on the same page. When it came time to move, we had secured the use of a truck to help us move and we all were able to visualize how the truck would sit in front of our building because there was only one way to park. When the truck arrived, the owner had parked it so he had to drive down a flight of stairs to reach the street. We were a bit shocked at his choice of positioning, but since it was his truck and he was providing it at no cost, we were willing to let him do what he wanted. We loaded the truck and he drove it down a flight of stairs and off to our new location. This drove home the reality that the future is created by the intentions of all who are involved.

If the group creating the future is small and in close agreement, it is a lot easier to predict a future occasion. My wife and I needed a new car and we wanted a used car with specific characteristics. Instead of looking at cars on all of the used car lots, we decided to see if we could spot which route we would use driving the car home when we purchased it. We looked ahead in time and could see us bringing a black sedan home along a particular route that led from a pair of used car lots. We drove out the next morning and went by the first lot and nothing on that lot indicated to us. On the second lot, a wonderful old Ford Crown Victoria attracted our attention and we bought it and drove it home as we had predicted. This car served us well for years until we could afford to buy newer cars.

You can see from the examples I have used so far that agreement is necessary to create a future reality. You have the ability to see what someone intends, even though you may not realize it. So how can you use this to make something important, like your future employment, a reality?

The optimum situation will exist when you intend to perform work of a particular type in sufficient quantity to receive a handsome salary with adequate benefits AND an employer is looking for a person with those particular skills and work ethic.

In Part Two am going to discuss how creating a future employment situation can go right or can end badly.

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