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Somehow, in all the thousands of words I have written about our spiritual companions, I have failed to communicate the vital importance of acknowledging your spiritual teammates and understanding the vital role they play. These are the only spiritual beings who are helping you. The rest of the crowd are merely observers who get triggered whenever you attempt to change anything.

There are very few spiritual practices that recognize the important role that spirit guides, guardian angels, and spiritual teammates play in helping you achieve success. Spiritual Rescue Technology has only recently begun to understand that recognizing and acknowledging these helpful beings is far more important in the long term than spotting and handling disrupting beings.

Historically, most religions, including Scientology, viewed spirits as a problem to be removed as quickly as possible and gave them names such as body thetans, demons, or unclean spirits and viewed them as the primary source of evil impulses in mankind. They ARE the primary source of evil impulses, but putting your attention on sources of evil rather than creating sources of sanity and reason can fixate you on lower tone levels and prevent you from ever achieving a higher state of awareness.

It is easy to get distracted by worries and body problems and handling them spiritually in some cases, but the only long-term hope you have is to validate the spirits who are helping you and guiding you through the problems of everyday life. These are the spirits who give you the confidence to stand your ground when other people are determined to submit to evil or take the easy way out of some moral crisis.

These spirits gave you the courage when you stood up for what was right by giving you certainty instead of weakening your resolve. Each time they did this, you emerged stronger, regardless of the outcome of that particular incident. When you don’t have spirits helping you, the uncertainty and fear of the people and spirits surrounding you will overwhelm you because you will feel you are trying to succeed on your own against overwhelming odds.

If you do not recognize those who are helping you, where do you get your feedback from to guide you toward successful actions? If you consider that it is you against the world, what actions will point you toward success, and how will you know you are achieving it? Only when you develop trusted friends will you get advice that is worthwhile. And how do you develop trusted friends? By being someone who is worthy of trust.

So, here is the ultimate question, how do you become trustworthy? It starts by being and operating in the present moment and not in the past. If you can be here now, you will see what is happening and can evaluate it for what it is. If you have unhandled past incidents, every action by others has the potential to throw you into the past with all of the pain and unhappiness that occurred back there. If your spiritual companions have unhandled past incidents, every action can trigger them, and they will take control or distract you and prevent you from doing what you intend to do.

Let’s take an example from life. You meet someone for the first time, and you both are favorably impressed with each other. They suggest a possible personal or business relationship, and you eagerly agree to their offer or are immediately suspicious of their offer without really examining the situation further. A few days later, you are wondering why you made the decision because they are not who you thought they were. If this has happened to you more than once, you can be sure you have spiritual companions whose past experiences are influencing you and affecting your judgment. Love at first sight and hate at first sight, are strong indications that you have spiritual companions affecting your ability to see what is there in front of you.

Trusted spiritual companions can be developed over time as they prove their worth by what they do for you. At the same time, you will need to be worthy of trust yourself, and this happens when you recognize and acknowledge your spiritual teammates for everything they do. Fortunately, this ability is not that hard to develop once you begin to recognize that some of the thoughts you are perceiving are not yours.

The starting point for this self-discovery is to learn to meditate and persist in meditating until you achieve stillness and begin to recognize that there are other beings seeking to communicate with you. Once you truly understand that you are not the only source of the thoughts that impinge upon you, you can begin to discover which of these beings are willing to help you and which of them are stuck in past incidents.

Then you can start the long but satisfying process of recruiting and rewarding spiritual teammates and the necessary actions of setting troubled beings free. The balance you strike between these two actions will determine how quickly you achieve success in life.

If this makes sense to you, and you need assistance in getting started, send me a text at 540-320-6852, and lets talk further.

David St Lawrence

Spiritual teammates are the only spiritual beings who are helping you.

The rest of the crowd are merely observers who get triggered

whenever you attempt to change anything.

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