As we become aware of spiritual beings, we also become aware of their influence upon us. If we address this situation through counseling and meditation, we take control of our lives and eventually arrive at a state where our responses to the material world are increasingly rational and positive. This can change our relationship with those close to us in ways we may not expect, as their spiritual companions will sense a difference in our behavior and be triggered into unexpected action. Our changes in behavior can act as a breaking of fundamental agreements on how life works. Our desirable changes can look like heresy to those whose ideas are rooted in historical views.

Suppose your view of life involves stable concepts like Heaven and Hell and original sin and redemption through worship. In that case, it can feel like a betrayal when more adventurous members of the family discover past lives and carry on conversations with departed relatives and other disembodied spirits. This sense of betrayal is magnified by the reaction of the spirits who accompany you through life as they have many lifetimes of punishment for heresy.

Heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs, in particular the accepted beliefs of a church or religious organization. The term is usually used in reference to violations of important religious teachings but is also used of views strongly opposed to any generally accepted ideas.

I have been doing spiritual counseling for about 40 years, and I have always encountered some people who did not want to hear about my latest discoveries. However, it took me by surprise last year when some of my relatives by marriage accused me of dealing with demons because I could not give them satisfactory answers about my observations of spiritual matters.

They decided to cut contact with me, and I have been estranged from them for almost a full year. I shrugged it off and let the matter slide and hoped that they might wake up and eventually change their minds. It has not imposed a hardship on me, but I recognized that the situation was non-optimum as families survive better when all members operate in harmony.

In the process of writing my new book titled, Managing Your Spiritual Teammates, I realized that what was happening in our family was being repeated on a wider scale all around the planet. People were being estranged from other people because of restimulation that was not being addressed by churches or society in general. A course of action like a choice of career or religion can trigger negative responses from the beings surrounding other people you are close to. If your choice is opposed to generally accepted ideas, it can seem like heresy to those you know.

These family members were being restimulated by my actions of talking to spirits and were being influenced to separate themselves from us by the actions of their spiritual companions. My cheerful heresy was actually contributing to the prolongation of their upset.

Since I could actually perceive these upset spiritual beings, I decided to take responsibility and see what I could do to ease their distress. My realization was that I was actually contributing to the dwindling spiral of my extended family members by not addressing and handling the source of their upset.

I began by putting my attention on one of the upset family members and looked to see who was the actual source of their suspicion about my spiritual activities. I immediately contacted a cluster of defrocked priests who were making amends for their earlier sins by protecting this family from the heretical activity of my involvement in non-approved spiritual activity. These beings could only approve spiritual activity as guided by an ordained priest in accordance with established church doctrine. There could be no traffic with ghosts.

I was able to acknowledge them for their efforts to help this person, and after only a few minutes of communication, they realized they were ghosts themselves, and they vanished from my view.

My feelings toward this family member changed at the same moment, and any resistance I had to approaching him and mending fences disappeared. I decided to continue the action with other estranged family members and see if I can repair the rift in a similar fashion.

I hope to organize some process steps to make the handling of perceived heresy easier for others who follow. Stay tuned for further developments.

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