Everything You Do or Experience Is Restimulative – To Your Spiritual Companions

(Part One of Three articles on Continuous Restimulation)

Article one – Continuous Restimulation – What Is It Like?

This is part one of a three-part series on continuous restimulation. I discovered very recently that some individuals are subject to continuing restimulation because of what they do or are exposed to. By continuous restimulation, I mean these individuals are subjected to a pattern of environmental stimulation that persists unnoticed for many years and causes damage to the person’s body and mental processes.

The mechanics of this restimulation are quite simple, but the effects can be incredibly complex. Restimulation occurs when something in the environment approximates the sensory content of a buried incident containing pain and unconsciousness. When this occurs, the incident is revived, and the emotional and sensory content of the original incident can overwhelm the individual and exert control over their thinking and actions. When restimulation occurs, the person affected acts as though they were under hypnotic control and will act as though the incident is happening again.

And now, for the most important part, you need to know that restimulation affects not only you and your body but it affects your spiritual companions also. All of the discarnate beings who accompany you through lifetime after lifetime are as subject to this restimulation as you are, and there can be thousands of them who are aware enough to be affected.

So, how does restimulation become continuous?

Let’s start with a simple example: You are driving through an intersection, and someone is not paying attention and smashes into your car. You are thrown around but not injured, and you finally make your way home. The next time you drive through that intersection, you experience a moment of fear and upset as you cross the intersection, even though there is no car coming at you, and you may relive the incident again. If you are in relatively good shape and this was your first accident, this will probably fade in time, and after a few years, you will drive through the intersection and barely tremble.

If you were badly injured in the accident, your memory of the accident might not fade, and you may never feel safe driving your car again and may never want to pass through that intersection even when someone else is driving.

You have spiritual companions who have died in similar accidents, and they may get upset whenever you approach that intersection where you had your accident. They may be so upset that they will prevent you from ever driving again by creating so much fear that you can never take the wheel again.

To add to the matter, if you die in this auto accident, you will have added another painful incident to the collection of incidents you and your spiritual companions have collected through many lifetimes, so when you return in another body you may find that you have no interest in driving a vehicle again, ever! You will find yourself resisting driver education classes and will happily take the bus and public transportation forever.

Now let’s look at this phenomenon from the viewpoint of a person who has never had an auto accident and has never driven a car. He or she has no history of violent crashes, but they have always been afraid to ride in a car, let alone drive a car, and don’t know why. If they just sit in a car and smell the upholstery, they will get violently upset and have to get out or become ill. Past life regression will not turn up car accidents. However, a few minutes of Spiritual Rescue Technology processing will reveal the presence of highly disturbed spirits with an appropriate history of violent deaths in automobiles or similar craft.

Now let’s look at an entirely different part of life, that of a woman giving birth or having a menstrual cycle. The woman can attend childbirth classes with the support of her husband and have a relaxed attitude to childbirth in all of its aspects. However, she can still have inexplicable problems that do not reduce with medical treatment. She may have past life problems that are still plaguing her, but the more likely problem is that her spiritual companions have tragic incidents that are still affecting them, and they, in turn, are affecting her. Do not think that birth and blood affect only women’s spirits. I encountered a cluster of soldier spirits who died in a very bloody battle, and they did everything possible to keep a young woman from bleeding during her menstrual cycle. This caused the young woman all kinds of problems as it caused her to have a most irregular cycle and much pain. Since she had the problem since her very first period, she had no idea that it could be from restimulation. These soldier spirits had been with her for a very long time and may have affected her for many lifetimes.

The lesson to be learned from this is that restimulation can cause many different problems and can have been in existence for a very long time. If something in your life has never gone well and there is no obvious physical reason, I suggest you check for upset spirits and see what you are doing that is keeping them upset.

You may have assumed that this was the way life was and accepted the condition as natural. If something is not going as well as you want it to go, please communicate with your spiritual companions and get things straightened out.

If they do not respond, text me at 540-320-6852 for assistance.

David St Lawrence

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