I think the result of effective management is harmony, and true harmony is quite rare.

The dwindling spiral of life is the result of our ability to drag each other down from godlike ability through destructive insanity to inert non-existence through disharmony. 

True harmony is creation and unlimited life and existence with increasing life force for all. 

Disharmony results in destruction, conflict, and degradation with diminished life force for all who are involved. When disharmony rules, opposing intentions are met with force resulting in loss of life force and dissolution of any rational approach to existence.

When harmony is understood and valued, opposing intentions are met with reason and rehabilitation of original purposes. Opposing intentions are based on missing or false data, including the idea that life is a zero-sum game. Effective management of spiritual companions eliminates opposing intentions, and when that is accomplished, all intentions can serve to advance progress to agreed-upon goals.

Effective management is that which accomplishes the alignment of intentions without the use of physical force, intimidation, or invalidation.

Effective management incorporates a balance of intention, attention, admiration, knowledge, and responsibility to achieve a degree of control that increases life force while accomplishing desired goals.

Effective management achieves increased life force for all members of the managed group. The use of physical force, intimidation, and invalidation to accomplish desired ends results in diminished performance by group members over time. This is the source of the dwindling spiral of all beings. They harm others to accomplish a result and then withhold themselves from causing further harm, and the result is a loss of power and ability.

The ideal scene for a group is the acquisition of targets and the accomplishing of same with an accompanying increase in life force for all members of the group.

My latest book, MANAGING YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS, should give any person the data he needs to manage a group and align all intentions without the use of physical force, intimidation, or invalidation. If you can learn to manage your spiritual companions, you have the tools to manage other people and their spiritual companions.

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