Automatic Writing (Spirit Writing) Explained

(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format)

This is my first book written entirely through spirit writing. It is the product of a series of interviews with my spiritual companions on “managing” your spiritual companions. All of the information in this book except for my realizations comes from the spiritual beings who surround and support me. I have been making more use of my spiritual companions with every article I have written, but this is the first of my books that has been produced entirely through spirit writing, meaning directly from interviews with spirits.

Spirit writing is the process of channeling spiritual guidance directly into written form. It is a form of spiritual communication which many people find simple and straightforward to develop. People have been employing spirit writing for thousands of years, sometimes knowingly but usually unconsciously.

Scientists and skeptics, but I repeat myself, have many explanations for the phenomena, including self-delusion. This is entirely consistent with opinions held by most people who cannot perceive spiritual communications. If they cannot perceive the presence of a spirit or see the images the spirit projects, it must be delusion! How could other people perceive something they can’t? They cannot grasp the simplicity of this fact: The awareness of an observer completely controls their ability to perceive spirits.

If your awareness extends to spirits and spiritual communication, you will always be hearing and seeing things that other people can’t. If you try to point these things out to others, they are very likely to scoff at you and treat you as someone who is deranged. Children quite often have an ability to perceive things that adults cannot perceive, and they can get quite frustrated when their parents punish them for making up stories that “aren’t true.”

Many children stop talking about their “imaginary” companions when parents refuse to listen to them.

Adults who retain or recover their ability to perceive spirits operate at an entirely different level than people who have been convinced or shamed enough to shut off their spiritual abilities. If you have gotten this far through this book without serious upset, you are probably able to speak with spirits and learn from them.

In this semi-enlightened 21st Century, there are three different viewpoints on Spirit Writing; helpful, imaginary, and demonic. Here are references showing each viewpoint.

HELPFUL – Practice Automatic Writing And Connect To Your Spirit Guides Automatic Writing – Automatic writing is a divination method of channeling information from your higher self and spirit guides through the written word as an extension of your hands. Find writing samples along with useful tips and techniques. Automatic Writing – Communicate with Your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

IMAGINARY – Automatic writing – Wikipedia Automatic writing, also called psychography, is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. Scientists and sceptics consider automatic writing to be the result of the ideomotor effect and even proponents of automatic writing admit it has been the source of innumerable cases of self-delusion.

DEMONIC – Dangers of Automatic Writing – Bible Knowledge Automatic writing is where you allow a demonic spirit to fully control your arm and hand so it can write whatever messages it wants to give you. It is just like the ouija board, where you allow the demon to control the planchette to spell out exactly what it wants to tell you.

This is my first book written entirely through direct interviews with spirits. I do not use a trance state or anything like that. I reach out to my spiritual companions and discuss the desired result for the day. We toss ideas around until something indicates as a spiritual topic we have not yet covered, and then we refine the topic until all of us are satisfied. 

My spirits suggested the current title for the book, Managing Your Spiritual Companions, as a political compromise. It appeals to the desire of most people to be in charge of their lives. The actual purpose of this book is far more important than simple management because it will show you how to stay sane while running a human body. If you do not manage your spiritual companions, they will act like an unruly mob and will cause you to act in antisocial ways. Since the actual purpose of this book might be offputting to many readers, we will stick with the politically correct purpose of managing your spiritual companions and not dwell on what happens if you do not do this.

I recently came to realize that practicing spirit writing may be one of the best ways to learn how to manage your spirits. It gives you plenty of practice in channeling spirit ideas, and you get to practice guiding spirits as they produce material for publication.

This is how I work with spirits while I am working on this book. I get myself into present time through meditation, and then I reach out to spirits who are interested in contributing to this book. I ask them what we have not covered so far in the creation of this book, and almost immediately, someone will come up with an idea that is worth expanding. We will discuss this idea and expand upon it without me making any effort to write things down. When the idea seems to be complete, I sit down at the computer, and the words just roll out onto the screen. Somewhere between 1000 and 2000 words later, the chapter is complete, and I publish it on the three platforms I am using to serialize the book. I am writing at least one chapter a day, and there has been no shortage of ideas so far.

I am not attempting to write the chapters in sequence, and I have no written outline for the book. I am simply searching for topics my spirits feel should be included in a book of this nature. Now that I have completed 22 chapters, it’s finally time to write up an ideal scene for the book and review that with my spiritual teammates. That will help us organize the work done so far and fill in any missing topics. Up to now, there has been a huge backlog of ideas that my team of spirits wanted to capture and I focused on getting it all written down before attempting to organize it. Now that we have captured the bulk of the information, we can concentrate on presenting it in a way that it can be learned and applied easily.

In our next article, we will discuss the ideal scene for a book of this type and may make room for it in the appendix of the completed book.

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