(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format)

An ideal scene expresses what a scene or area ought to be. It can apply to any area of your life or to your entire existence. Any departure from an ideal scene is a sign that you have gone into agreement with someone else’s intention.

If you are curious to know whether you are in control of your life, try writing out an ideal scene for any area of your life. If you can whip off an ideal scene and start creating it, you are in control – of that area. Congratulate yourself as you are one of the very few people who can say that.

To show you how limited this victory is, try writing out an ideal scene for another part of your life, like your job, or your relationship with someone, or the next three months. You will find that you will be unable to do this no matter how you struggle unless you pull in some help from a friend or counselor. You will encounter all sorts of obstacles when trying to write an ideal scene because an ideal scene will expose how far off the mark your current scene is.

In my 45 years of counseling, I have found the most difficult task to be helping someone create an ideal scene for an area of life they were not happy with. They know they are unhappy, but when pressed to come up with another way of handling the area, they get distracted and frustrated and can’t seem to focus on a viable solution.

The problem is that they have made many decisions on the way to creating their life as it is today and they can’t seem to revisit and change those decisions unless an emergency occurs. 

You are controlled by the many decisions you have made under the influence of your spiritual companions. Each of those decisions was made in a past moment to handle a confusion, and as a result, the decision created a future in which you do not have to deal with that confusion again. The clothes you wear, the way you speak, how you prepare for the day, all are controlled by decisions you made in the past unless you are under some sort of pressure to remain in present time. 

Through these hundreds of decisions, you have created an existing scene, and you live your life repeating the actions you decided to make a long time ago. You might occasionally think about getting a better job or preparing yourself for a more challenging career, but you never go so far as to actually write up an ideal scene. Every idea about changing your life creates realizations that you can’t get there from here. You are too old, you don’t have the right degrees, you don’t have enough money, nobody will help you, you can’t abandon your family and friends, you can’t trust the internet, the list of reasons goes on and on.

The simple fact that you cannot conceive an ideal scene for your life should tell you that your life is not under your control. You need to discover your spiritual companions and learn to talk to them. Then you need to learn to manage them. That is what this book is about.

Any departure from an ideal scene is a sign that you have gone into agreement with someone else’s intention. If you want to create an ideal scene, you need to learn to manage your spiritual companions.

Use your inability to achieve an ideal scene as a reliable indicator that you have spirits acting against you in some way. Each area you cannot create an ideal scene for is an indication that your spiritual companions have problems related to that area of activity. Instead of struggling to create an ideal scene, simply recognize that you are encountering resistance to this effort and look for the beings responsible. If you handle the beings involved, the resistance will vanish, and you will start creating the ideal scene without effort.

If something is not going right with your life, spot where the resistance is coming from and handle the beings involved. Fearful beings resist change until you set them free from past incidents.

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