And Now A Word From The Dark Side

(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format)

In almost every book, I have endeavored to add a chapter of disclaimers and warnings about indiscriminate mucking about in spiritual matters, and each time the warnings seem to become simpler and more focused. My current consultants in the spiritual community have tried to capture the challenge in a few paragraphs.

Since we are immortal beings, our memories contain unlimited amounts of great achievements and as many memories of abject misery and heart-stopping horror. You will find what you are looking for.

If you go looking for horrifying spiritual experiences, you will soon realize that H P Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King have already been visiting these memories before you. There is nothing written that will match the horrors you can mine if you simply go looking for them in the spirit world.

If you are searching for horror, you will find evidence of it in many different lives. What is more alarming is that you will attract beings with these memories if you continue to write about these topics. You are giving them a voice and acknowledging their work, and they will begin affecting you in ways you may not like.

If you choose a life of retribution and punishment for the evil you have received, you are enlisting beings with deep experience in blaming and punishing others. Every evil movement I have studied started by getting even for past humiliations and injuries received.

Your attitude in working with spirits is very important. If you are looking for inspiration and help, you will find it as I have. If you truly feel that spirits are the work of the devil, you are unlikely to find spirit guides. You are more likely to find spirits who confirm your worst fears. Approaching spirits with a suspicious attitude will not produce friendly advice. You are more likely to wake up some spirit smarting from death and betrayal, and he will give you a warning that will drive you to seek safety in the nearest confessional booth.

There are many people who have become embittered by their experience in organized religion or in a religious cult. After departing the group, they stay fixated on the experience and form groups to complain about the experience. Instead of creating new lives and focusing on them, these embittered survivors spend years attacking the cult and anything that reminds them of the cult. They deliberately stay angry and direct their anger at everything about the cult, even those groups that spring up in opposition to the original cult.

This can go so far that these embittered survivors will go into denial about everything the original cult attempted to deal with. You might say these unfortunate people are in denial about everything and can no longer make useful observations about it.

Their attitude toward life has become so twisted that they cannot see good in anything unless it attacks the organization they left. If the organization they left had anything to do with spirits, they would be unable to see anything useful in dealing with spirits. There is a group on the internet called ESMB consisting of survivors of Scientology, which illustrates my point. These people are so polarized by their Scientology experience that they cannot believe that anyone can do spiritual healing or communicate with spirits or even be able to do spiritual counseling. Anything spiritual being done by any group at all equals Scientology, and that is bad, bad, bad.

Can you imagine what happens when one of these embittered people attempts to communicate with a spiritual being? What do you think will happen when these people try to meditate? How can one reach a peaceful state of mind when you are filled with anger? What kind of spirits do you think these people are pulling in on a daily basis? Consider what happens when your mind is filled with thoughts of getting even with someone? Who is going to show up to help you? If you do not shift to a lighter mood and develop positive thoughts, you are likely to pull in an evil spirit to help you plan your revenge. 

There is a good possibility that concentrating on hateful things and unknowingly pulling in spirits stuck in horrifying incidents is what has contributed to the dwindling spiral that most of us have discovered when we revisited our past lives

If you have done any significant exploration of the incidents from your far distant past, you will have encountered times of great glory and times of equally great humiliation and despair. Your mistakes were as horrendous as your victories were magnificent. If you were as active as many of my present-day clients, your mistakes involved blowing up planets and wiping out entire civilizations in a fit of pique. You definitely lived large, in comparison to your life today, and your activities changed the lives of millions. Your current situation is the result of the dwindling spiral that all spiritual beings go through, and as far as I know, there has never been a method of permanently reversing this spiral.

I have seen people change for the better when they received the right spiritual counseling, but I have also seen many of these people revert to a downward trend when they used their new abilities to punish others or to seek retribution for some injuries they received. It seems like a good cause when you decide to fight evil, but you are choosing a dark path when you do so. Any cause that involves punishing others instead of rehabilitating them will drag you inexorably down the path to self-destruction. Any effort to increase your awareness will involve you holding yourself back from doing further evil. Little by little, you lose your ability to create desirable effects of any kind. This is where you are now.

If you want your next life to work out better than this one, I strongly suggest you avoid destructive ways of dealing with people. Seek always to rehabilitate the spirits you encounter, whether they are wearing bodies or not. Try following this simple rule:

Any cause that involves punishing others instead of rehabilitating them will drag you inexorably down the path to self-destruction. 

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