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Even after reading my first article on bored beings, you may feel that I am exaggerating about the difference between our exciting lives and some long-dead being’s dreams of glory. Just wait until you have had the experience of chatting with spirits about the events that stopped them from ever wearing bodies again.

It seems that most spirits, just like today, lived lives of quiet boredom, except for the times when they made a huge mistake, and life ended with a crash. Sometimes these moments of personal destruction were so appalling that their attention was fixed on that moment for the next ten thousand years or so. When a being has his attention stuck on an incident, time does not stop, nor does the being disappear from existence. The usual situation is this: The being drifts on through many existences as an observer with their attention fixed on the past. They are present, but not in present time, just reacting to whatever is going on in the environment.

We could almost compare them to the living dead, as featured in stories, except they are not particularly dangerous. They are with each of us but are not in present time, and they react to the environment when it presents an image or idea that resembles some past moment of their existence. If you doubt this, try this experiment the next time you are near a high balcony with a low guard rail. As you walk toward the guard rail, consider looking over it to the depths below and notice how that makes your body feel. If you are like most people, you will get uncontrollable chills long before you even get near the balcony guard rail.

Most of you have not fallen from a balcony this lifetime, but you may have in previous lives. I can almost guarantee that some of your spiritual companions have vivid memories of having fallen or been thrown from high balconies, and they will get really upset when you stir those memories up by standing on balconies and looking over the railings.

The point I am trying to make here is that your current life is very quiet and boring compared to the past lives of your spiritual companions, and after a while, they get restless and begin to chafe at your predictable and relatively boring life.

Rather than chafing at their attitude, you can spice up your life and learn a great deal by asking them how they lost their last body when their boredom becomes evident. This immediately accomplishes two things, you get their undivided attention, and the boredom vanishes, and you may learn something that will help you in the future. If you can’t do this on your own, call me, and I can help you get started. You will have no idea how much you can discover until you do this. One of the first things you will discover is that we were far more able and aware in the distant past.

A client asked me for help when he could not shake the feeling of being overwhelmed. After a short discussion, he spotted that it was more like a feeling of deep apathy. I got him to locate the feeling of apathy which was somewhere out in front of him, and he laughed and said this being is a “joker.” He clarified this by saying the being was a court jester, and we could even perceive the jester hat he was wearing.

I persuaded the jester to chat with me and asked him when he had lost his last body. All he could remember was that he had made a joke as he had often done before, and this time he was thrown to the lions!

In getting him to recall the incident, he said his function was to entertain the ruler and his court with witty sayings, and he could even lightly mock the ruler when he did this. This would usually be idle gossip and scandal and would get a laugh from all present. This time he had thoughtlessly repeated something he had picked up from the ruler’s private thoughts, and the ruler got furious and had him killed immediately.

It wasn’t until I had him revisit the incident again that he realized that reading the ruler’s mind had made him dangerous to the ruler, and that was why he was thrown to the lions. His public demonstration of this mind-reading ability made him a public danger, and he had to be eliminated.

Once he was unstuck from this puzzling incident and reacquainted with the fact he was immortal, he decided to become a stand-up comedian and went off to New York to find a comedy club. He was so excited at this prospect of a new career that he broke into laughter, and so did my client!

As soon as this mind-reading jester left, my client felt relief and was more able to focus than in the previous months. This jester was a being whose entire focus was on entertaining and using information from other’s thoughts which did not align with my client’s business career. If my client had been in the entertainment industry, the results might have been different.

In this situation, I have described what happens when a bored spirit is handled and moves off to another opportunity. In the next part of this series, I will cover what you can do to keep your spirits happily occupied in what you are doing.


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