(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format)

If you are not doing anything interesting, you are not the only one being bored by your dull existence. You could have some really high-powered beings going slowly out of their minds while you try to run your small business and stay ahead of your creditors.

Let us discuss the situation that exists when you are not really aware of your spiritual companions. You are doing whatever you have been doing for the past years or two, and you are still feeling overwhelmed. You work long hours, and you crash when you get home and dive into a book or a video to escape the feeling that you are not making progress. You finally get to sleep, and the morning comes too soon with more problems to solve. You go to work and repeat this cycle time and time again with no bright burst of inspiration that opens the door to a permanent solution.

The few times you are aware enough to assess what is going on, you feel like you are dragging some sort of invisible burden that is slowing your down. For every attempt you make to change things, there is an overpowering spiritual fatigue that sets in and makes you feel trapped and helpless to change things for the better. Very rarely do you have voices in your head saying discouraging things. It is far more likely that you are surrounded by a gloomy mood that just does not lift. In some cases, you will feel like you just want to lie down and sleep and let the world go on without you.

If this description fits, you have probably tried different strategies to change your life with no permanent result. It can be very frustrating because nothing seems to stand out as the cause for this spiritual fatigue. You may have seen doctors and changed your diet, but nothing changes, and within a few weeks, you slump back into the same old boring routine, feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

There could be many different causes for your unhappy state of mind, but the most likely cause can be determined and handled in a single session if you are willing to consider that you might have spiritual companions who are bored out of their minds by your choice of occupations and interests. Your occupation as an accountant or a lawyer, or a small business owner is not boring to you because it represents a challenge that keeps you awake at night and uses every talent you have just to keep it going.

Your spiritual companions, however, may have been used to lives where every day was fraught with terror, or raging passions, or sinister plots to take down a civilization. They lost their lives pursuing their dreams, and they are still stuck in the most exciting moments of these past lives. Just imagine if your spiritual companions include Jack the Ripper, Teddy Roosevelt, and someone like John the Baptist. What do they have to contribute while you struggle to meet your payroll this week? What do they suggest when a customer is being annoying and trying to avoid paying for work you have done? Their suggestions may be surprisingly effective but are frowned on by today’s society.

The point I am trying to make is that their experience does not prepare them for the finer details of small business management or your consulting practice, and they are bored, bored, bored!

Every intention of yours is opposed by their intentions to escape or to find something interesting to do. They generally do not shout at you. They merely act glum and discourage everything you try to do to improve your very dull life installing HVAC systems or giving financial advice to retirees.

They are still stuck in the past glories of exploring the Amazon or launching raids on unsuspecting villages, and your efforts at creating a peaceful existence for your family are not interesting enough to pull them out of their constant daydreams. They are a burden to you and, if not handled, can make your life a long and painful slog.

The good news is that once you recognize they are there, they can be woken up and handled very quickly, and each spiritual being who is handled will provide remarkable relief when they are freed from the situation they are in.

In PART TWO, we will show why it is so easy to free a being from the trap he is in once you recognize who he is and why he is trapped.

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