By now, you have read the arguments for managing your spiritual companions instead of waking them up and setting them free. You may have already realized that having a team of spirits helping you is better than struggling alone to solve the problems of life. If this is the case, all you need is a few suggestions for gracefully changing your operating basis from driving beings off to segueing into a well-managed activity where you find helpful spirits and persuade them to assist you in the projects of your choice.

If you truly wish to manage your spiritual companions, you must understand this stable data:

Beings whose attention is in present time want acknowledgment and something interesting to do.

When you can provide both of these things, you will start getting help from your spiritual companions instead of interference and distractions.

Your production will skyrocket and you will not experience the letdowns which follow conventional counseling

You can use the brute force method, which has been in use for thousands of years, or you can apply Spiritual Rescue Technology and get results in a matter of days.

Traditional methods involve days or weeks of meditation and many hours of mental and physical discipline to get your spiritual companions working in unison to give you the results you want. You do not address your spirits directly. You perform repetitive ritual actions until the voices in your head stop distracting you, and you can perform the exercises without error. Whether your rituals involve Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or Scientology Training Routines. The results are quite similar. You achieve inner peace and are able to use your intention to achieve results at an unprecedented level.

With Spiritual Rescue Technology, you communicate with your spiritual companions directly and get them to cooperate with you and align their intention to yours for mutually beneficial results. If you are just starting to manage your spiritual companions, there is a sequence of actions that will produce faster results if followed, and it is outlined below.

  1. Bring yourself completely into present time.
  2. Decide what purpose you wish to have spirits assist you in achieving.
  3. Start a solo session by writing this purpose at the top of a sheet of paper
  4. For example: I want suggestions on team building for project _________
  5. Ask your beings this question and be prepared to write down every thought that appears.
  6. Acknowledge every thought as you write it down.
  7. Continue until you receive no more thoughts.
  1. You will now have a series of ideas about creating a team for project ________ and you will have attracted beings interested in Project __________.
  2. At this point, you can start another session by writing down, “How should we do project ___________?
  3. You need to repeat the actions of the previous session by asking “How should we do project ___________?” repeatedly and writing down the answers you received and acknowledging them.

Once you are working on project_________, you can easily continue by mentally asking your teammates questions without having to resort to a written question and answer session.

If you are able to stay focused on your project, your spiritual companions are staying in present time and are working with you. If you find your attention wandering, bring yourself back to present time and continue your project. If you are still being distracted, spot the beings who are doing the distraction and put your attention on them. Ask them if they would rather be elsewhere and if that is the case, suggest a quiet place they can go and ponder their futures. You may be able to get them to leave so you can continue the project you are doing. You may be able to stay focused on your project and continue even with a few beings doing distracting things. This is a management decision whether to continue with distractions or to stop and handle the troublemakers.

In some cases, what you are attempting to do is so restimulative that you need to put the project on hold and handle the beings who have become restimulated. This will only take a few minutes and involves finding who is restimulated and what incident they are stuck in. Once you have freed the beings from the incident they are stuck in, they may be willing to join the project. If not, send them on their way to a safe place where they can plan for their next lifetimes.

When you are working with beings on a project, you need to keep them interested and motivated. Restimulation drags a being’s attention out of present time and can stick them in some incident related to what you are writing about or creating. You will see this while writing an article about something that triggers past memories. Thoughts seem to go out of focus, and you find your attention is dispersing as you attempt to continue. If your intention is strong enough, you can possibly hold everyone’s attention on the topic at hand. If your team gets dispersed, you need to locate the incidents that are being restimulated and handle the beings who are still trapped in them.

As you work with a team of beings, you learn to keep them focused and motivated, and you will find they need less and less correction as time goes on. You may never get to know them as individuals, but your confidence and their sense of belonging will increase as time goes on. I have only recently realized that I am working with many different teams, not one big team that does everything. Once I realized this, it was easier to visualize who I was working with.

There seem to be different teams for each purpose, and the makeup of each team is not unique. It seems like some beings are in more than one team. This will be an interesting area to investigate. There may even be a different team for each project as opposed to teams for types of projects.

Stay tuned for more discoveries. Send me your observations on how your teams are formed.

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  1. David Post author

    You may have noticed that the SRT version of managing spirits starts by asking your spirits questions instead of giving them orders.

    As general advice to anyone seeking to work with spirits, I suggest that you start by asking questions and make the first one something like is it OK if I ask you a question?


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