Why You Need To Build A Team Of Spirits To Help You – Part Two


It is actually simpler to build a team of helpful spirits than you might imagine. Almost any mental and physical discipline will encourage your helpful spirits to work in unison, and that is why you become more proficient as you practice, if you practice wisely. In all of the practices which bring you inner peace and strength of will, you provide the initial focus, and you persist in your activity until it becomes natural.

Both martial arts and meditation bring your spiritual companions under control through repetition and focus upon achieving specific results. People have been using these methods for thousands of years to achieve inner peace and to become more effective in certain areas of life.

You might ask why anyone would need to know about spirits and communicate with them if these practices have been working for so many centuries. I suggest that training spirits by practicing mental and physical discipline is certainly possible since you can train almost any living thing with enough patience and repetition. However, when you can communicate with the spirits, as we do in Spiritual Rescue Technology, you gain their cooperation through mutual trust and understanding instead of force.

Building a team of helpful spirits requires more steps than simply recruiting and training spirits to help you. You also need to be able to recognize and handle spirits who are stuck in past behavior patterns because their attention is fixed on traumatic incidents in their pasts. Freeing spirits from past incidents has also been done for thousands of years, previously through force and electrical shock and more recently through hypnosis and psychological therapy. Chemical therapy through mood-altering drugs does not affect spirits, only your responses to them.

Effective management of spiritual companions needs to include means of actually handling counter-intention and insanity so that a team can be formed of beings who are fully awake and aware and are committed to acting in concert to achieve specified goals. With SRT, the beings who are irrevocably stuck in past mistakes can be released to find their way in peace, and those beings who can be rehabilitated are given a chance to do so and are welcomed to contribute accordingly to their abilities.

With SRT processes, beings can be rapidly brought into present time and put to work where their contributions will be useful. When SRT practices are combined with meditation and martial arts training, high levels of skill can be attained in a minimum amount of time. Furthermore, using SRT will ensure that the results of any other training are stable. The practitioner is in constant communication with his spiritual companions and is able to monitor their reaction to life as it occurs.

Your spiritual companions react to their environment. If your environment changes, you need to be able to recognize the reaction for what it is and take action. Mental and physical disciplines will prepare your spiritual companions for existence in the current environment. When that changes, you may have to retrain. When you are trained in SRT, you will be able to compensate for changes in the environment by handling your spirits directly so they can continue to support you in the manner you expect.

I would like to add that almost any type of professional activity requiring focus and persistence will serve to build a team of helpful spirits. If you are a successful musician or an artist, or a surgeon, you have already learned to bring your spirits into agreement, so they help you rather than oppose you. Leaning Spiritual Rescue Technology and how to use it will give you the tools to continue doing well even when your environment and the world political scene become threatening.

Managing and maintaining a team of helpful spirits will help you achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

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