Why You Need To Build A Team Of Spirits To Help You – Part One


On this planet, at least, disembodied spirits are located everywhere that people are located. They are probably everywhere else too, but I haven’t investigated that. What this means is that you cannot escape spirits, no matter where on earth you go, and these spirits will affect you and your thinking 24/7.

If you are not in good shape, you can easily be overwhelmed by these spirits because you will pick up their thoughts and may not be able to distinguish their thoughts from your own. There are some people who are aware enough to pick up thoughts from other people and from stray spirits, and you may see them on the street at times talking to themselves in strange ways.

Keeping track of your own thoughts is a learned ability, and if you are not helped to distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts of others, you may just keep channeling other beings’s thought as if they were your own. You will not make sense to those who are not privy to the messages you are receiving, and they will think you are strange indeed and will not want to spend time with you.

Even those of you who are in control of your thoughts and feelings will often have days when your mind is full of discouraging thoughts, like, “I am so screwed up!” and “I am not going to get that job!” You may not think these thoughts are from other beings, but I can assure you they are the first to give you bad news.

You may be experiencing a bit of unfortunate luck and making mistakes, but you will find when you bother to do the research that some of your spiritual companions are being triggered by what you are experiencing.

When these beings are triggered, you will experience the emotions they experienced in a past incident when they lost everything. This flood of emotions can overwhelm you and drag your attention out of the present time, and you will experience a sense of loss and despair from an old incident and think your current situation is causing this feeling. For example, if you are contemplating interviewing for a position and this triggers some of your spirits who were thrown out of an interview or shamed for even showing up for an interview, you will not feel confident and will experience all sorts of distress even though the hiring manager is a very nice guy.

Let us say that you somehow recognize that your problems are spiritual and get some training and counseling to handle spirits who are discouraging you. If your counseling removes these spirits, which it often will, what happens then? You will feel better for a while, and some other spirits will get triggered, and you will feel fearful or discouraged again. You are surrounded by an endless number of spirits, and when you clear some of them away, it makes room for another group to join you. Frequent removal of spirits is like frequent dusting to keep your house dust-free. Both are temporary measures.

Fortunately, spirits can be persuaded to be helpful and to work with you in accomplishing certain goals. I have discovered that spirits working in harmony can keep me focused and free from random thoughts from the beings who surround me. Their intentions are aligned with mine, and they keep me from being distracted by the thoughts and intentions of the multitude of beings in my space.

They gave me the idea that they are protecting me from outside influences while they are enjoying themselves working on projects with me. I got the idea of being protected by domesticated predators who keep other predators at bay. The beings who decide to join me get several things they desire, a chance to work on interesting things and other things they don’t get elsewhere, acknowledgment, recognition, and admiration. When other beings attempt to impinge on my team of spiritual companions, my team holds firm and continues to control the area.

I think that spirits are continually attracted to people who are doing things that are interesting and may act as protectors completely out of self-interest. I think that understanding this tendency and actively recruiting spirits hastens the process of building a motivated team that acts in a harmonious fashion. I can see the results of the last few years’ activities in recruiting and motivating spirits to help me. I am aware of a continually increasing certainty as to the help my spirits provide and of the lack of concern for a diminishing of my abilities in this area.

One of the most disconcerting things about my 20 years in Scientology was the impermanence of my higher states of awareness. I had stable gains in my ability to handle life, but the incredible joy of being released from some long-term fear or anxiety was temporary. Every win released my attention from a past event, but the joy I experienced would soon drift away. It was only recently that I understood that the joy came from the beings that were set free, and all this did was to make room for new beings who needed help. The greater the release, the more new beings came in to fill up the empty space. As long as I stayed in session or was delivering sessions, I could manage the changes that occurred after a big win. If I stopped auditing and went on to other kinds of work, my emotional tone would drift inexorably downward to my basic level.

This still occurred while using SRT processes until I started actively recruiting beings to help me with specific needs. I have been doing this for the past few years, and now I am concentrating on managing my spiritual companions for the best results in a number of areas. I am still defining the areas I want to cover, but spiritual defense is now among the more important areas, along with the ability to create freely in specific areas.

To keep it simple, I want my spiritual companions to work in harmony and to make sure things continue to work in harmony. We will keep adding features to our group agreement that will keep that happening. I am not sure how much of this has been done before.

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