Six Alternatives For Dealing With Spirits

I am putting this out as a challenge to all of you heavy-duty thinkers and doers. Find another alternative for dealing with spirits. I am sure there must be one which can leave you sane and satisfied. The alternatives I see in action are these: 

  1. Ignore spirits as a harmless fantasy of the simple-minded. Do your best and just forge ahead in life. Stick with material science.
  2. Avoid all dealings with spirits as they are demonic in nature and can’t be trusted. Avoid anything having to do with spirits. Stick with material science.
  3. Study Spirits and their effect on the physical universe. Immerse yourself in Metaphysics.
  4. Exorcise spirits (get rid of them) if they bother you. This is what the Catholic Church and The Church of Scientology do.
  5. Communicate with spirits and ask them to assist you. Immerse yourself in Spiritualism.
  6. Free trapped spirits and surround yourself with useful spirits and put them to work on your favorite projects. Discover and use Spiritual Rescue Technology or create your own.

To put all of this in proper perspective, replace the word “spirits” in the above sentences with “electricity,” “technology,” or “life force.” When you realize that a spirit represents a force of nature that can be applied to solve problems of the material universe, you will start to understand the potential for good that SRT represents. In fact, you may be inspired to create your own technology for working with spirits.

In my many years of working with spirits, I first concentrated on removing those spirits who were doing things I regarded as harmful to myself or my clients. There were so many aches, pains, and illnesses stemming from spiritual activity that I was able to spend 34 years handling these situations by addressing the spirits causing them. I never once considered that these spirits were attempting to help us in some way.

It wasn’t until I was giving my wife an assist for a stomach problem that anything different was evident. She made me pause my activity and said she thought the spirit was actually trying to help her by preventing her from doing something. Once I took this up with the spirit, he informed me that the only way he knew to stop her from doing something he felt was harmful was to make her feel sick. He was unable to communicate with her in any other fashion because she could not pick up his telepathic communication.

It was at this point where Spiritual Rescue Technology diverged from earlier practices in which spiritual communication was used to drive spirits away.

This was 2010 and I resolved to find out how we could work with spirits for their benefit and ours. I had no idea at that time how much of my future activity would benefit from spiritual help. As time went on, I was able to rely on my spiritual companions for help when I needed it and learned what they were interested in helping me with and what they would rather not do. As their free will increased, it became obvious that their help was dependent on inviting them to things that were interesting to them. If I stopped doing interesting things, the beings who were helping in that regard seemed to quietly vanish. There was no big goodbye or notice of departure. I would suddenly realize that there were things I could no longer do easily or at all. My so-called talent for something would suddenly diminish or vanish along with any interest I had in the subject.

I recently learned that I had to use an ability, or I would lose it if it came from my spiritual companions. I could develop an ability for myself, but over the years, I have been taking advantage of an ability to pick up all sorts of skills in very little time, and it appears that the speed of assimilation was due to help from spirits, not just my native ability. 

Ever since my high school days, I have been able to locate an interesting subject and become proficient in it and even earn a living at it without breaking a sweat. It has only been recently that I learned why this was happening and how to take full advantage of it. I now manage my spiritual companions for my benefit and for theirs.

My latest book, MANAGING YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS, contains the full details on managing a team of spirits to enjoy life to the fullest. 

It is available in serial form on three platforms.




1 thought on “Six Alternatives For Dealing With Spirits

  1. Hans Burch

    Der Umgang mit den fremden Wesen ist für jeden Alltag. Das Resultat ist für mich wichtig. Ich nehme sie ernst, lasse sie aber völlig frei. Nur so entsteht ein stetiger Aufbau im Leben. Wichtig ist sie nicht kopflastig, vergeistigt nur als Geister an zu sehen. Das kommt aus der hypnosemässigen einseitigen Definition von Hubbard. Wir brauchen ein erdverbundenes, handfestes, umfassendes Verständnis. Die einzige Lösung ist, das Problem, das das fremde Wesen uns zeigt, anzunehmen und eine Lösung zu finden, die wir im Leben praktizieren können. Es ist halt der gute Umgang mit allen Lebewesen.

    Deepl Translation:
    Dealing with the strange creatures is everyday life for everyone. The result is important for me. I take them seriously, but leave them completely free. Only in this way there is a steady build-up in life. It is important not to look at them head-heavy, spiritualized only as spirits. This comes from the hypnosis-like one-sided definition of Hubbard. We need an earthy, tangible, comprehensive understanding. The only solution is to accept the problem that the strange being is showing us and find a solution that we can practice in life. It is just the good treatment of all living beings.


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