There is a legend among medical people that there is a tendency for cognitive processes to be specialized to one side of the brain or the other. This probably stems from the discovery that the left hemisphere controls movement for the right side of the body, while the right hemisphere directs the left side.

More recently, this has been relegated to the status of a myth by psychologists. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/left-brain-right-brain)

I can verify that the brain has little to do with actual cognitive thought or memory of any kind, and you can do this also. When we communicate with a spirit, we are communicating with a being who no longer is associated with a body, and yet we are presented with memories and images from the being’s past.

If you have the chance to chat with a departed relative, you will find that their personality is intact, for the most part, and they still have a sense of humor and their regard for you. Almost everything you knew to be true about them when they were among the living is true today. Their concerns are different, of course, because they now have different objectives.

The point I am trying to make is that the body is a garment we put on to assume a human identity. If we chose to put on a canine body, we might end up as a really smart dog or a disturbed one, as I witnessed in a Clearwater pet shop. I saw a young boxer puppy trying to hide behind the rest of his litter mates when he realized I knew who he was. It was quite startling to look at a dog and get mental images of a middle-aged human banker wearing a dog body.

We are immortal spirits, and I am sure that some of us have tried to change our luck by changing species. Who has not idly thought how nice it would be to fly free as a bird or roam the woods as a wild creature. Otters, after all, seem to have a lot of fun. Becoming a horse in your next life might seem a way to escape responsibilities, but a lack of opposable thumbs limits your ability to surf the internet.

It is more useful to view your brain as a switchboard that translates your ideas into movement and physical responses. When your brain is damaged, you still exist, but your ability to communicate and control your body is severely limited. This deprivation can cause mental problems, but it is mainly due to your inability to express yourself.

Your brain has little to do with you being logical and analytical, or emotional, intuitive, and creative. Those choices are up to you and are influenced by the spiritual companions you encourage. As I mentioned elsewhere, spirits flock to people who are doing things that interest them. If you develop a strong interest in cooking, you will attract helpful kitchen spirits. If you are plotting to destroy Parliament, you may attract explosive experts.

If you set yourself to achieve a high and noble purpose, you will eventually attract spirits who will support you in your efforts. If you persist on this course in spite of all obstacles, you will eventually succeed. Your body and its brain are merely part of the physical package you have chosen and do not represent a limiting factor unless you decide they are.

Your body is a garment you put on to assume a human identity.

Your intentions and purposes are the determining factor in achieving success,

along with opposable thumbs!

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