Until you have experienced a team of spirits working in harmony with you, it is almost impossible to imagine how it feels. There is this feeling of constant joy while at the same time you are working at a pace that defies description. When it happens, this is not an accidental occurrence. It is the result of a coordinated exercise of wills aligned so perfectly that one feels no turbulence or disorder. Most of us go through life without ever experiencing this joyful display of free will in perfect alignment.

After 45 years of spiritual research, I have only begun to experience this feeling in the last few months as I began to close in on the inner secrets of managing groups of spirits. I am still learning how to manage my spiritual companions, but the moments of spiritual joy are coming more and more frequently and lasting longer.

We touch upon this exalted state whenever we engage in spiritual practices that release us and our spiritual companions from past incidents that are still affecting us. Sometimes the release is temporary, as when we ingest certain drugs and obtain a release from the thoughts and images projected by our spiritual companions. As soon as the drugs wear off, we are exposed again to the suffering and misery that our spiritual companions are projecting.

As we follow a path of spiritual enlightenment, we experience longer and longer periods of release from pain and harmful thoughts. If we choose a semi-monastic life, we arrange things so we are protected from the disturbing influences of everyday life, and we can achieve a state of relative peace of mind. This only continues as long as we avoid contact with real life.

With Spiritual Rescue Technology, we can identify and handle any being who is disturbed and destructive and set them free or bring them into accord with the rest of the team that works in harmony. The fact we can handle any particular spirit in minutes would seem to present an opportunity for almost anyone to experience spiritual joy at will. Such is not the case. Far too many of my clients, while overjoyed at the results of sessions and solo sessions, feel discouraged about trying to achieve a permanent result because of the overwhelming number of discarnate spirits that surround every one of us. They receive sessions and give themselves sessions and then resign themselves to do their best and keep slogging on while feeling determined to not give up.

After all, life on earth is no picnic, and you never get out of here alive anyway. The motto of far too many people is “Do The Best You Can!” While this is admirable and better than apathy, it is possible to set the bar for acceptable existence far higher. 

From personal experience, I know that it is possible to train oneself to recognize any fall from extreme joy as a danger sign. Just because you have lived your entire life on the edge of discouragement and pain does not mean that this is where you are destined to stay. I lived for years in a state of anxiety with an ulcer because I did not recognize I was in a threatening environment, so I know how we can suppress our responses to a dangerous environment and treat it as “normal.”

By using SRT to manage your spiritual companions and your body, you can achieve states of joy that are stable and can effortlessly propel you to achievements beyond all expectations. To make this real and to give you a tool to monitor what is happening, I am providing a checklist of things that show when your spiritual companions are in trouble. You merely run down this list every day and handle the first thing that indicates to you. To give yourself the best coverage, I suggest you take up the list each day, starting after the last item you handled. I strongly recommend that you only handle one item at a time and put the list away for another day. That way, you will enjoy your win and will always end the session on a high point. Believe me, idle browsing of this checklist can spin you in and will ruin your day.


How To Use This List 

Read down the list and stop at the first item that seems to describe what is going on with you. Locate the being or beings who are exhibiting this emotion or feeling. Run Reach and Withdraw on them until you get their story. Run an appropriate SRT process on them to free them from the incident and return their free will. If they are eager to help you, recruit them and give them a task to do. If they are not interested in what you are doing, send them to a safe place where they can figure out what they want to do for themselves.

Having done all of the above, put the list away for another day. When this list is really flat, go on to list #2

  1. You feel irritated at someone
  2. You don’t feel well
  3. You feel distracted and can’t seem to focus
  4. You have a headache
  5. You feel bored
  6. You are unhappy
  7. Nobody appreciates you
  8. You are not attracting enough attention
  9. You are attracting too much attention
  10. There is nothing to do
  11. You feel old
  12. Life sucks
  13. You are feeling cranky
  14. You can’t remember things
  15. You do not feel like yourself
  16. You resent someone
  17. Someone has been mean to you
  18. People keep trying to give you advice
  19. You are surrounded by assholes
  20. You want to go back to bed and hide
  21. You regret having gotten up out of bed this morning
  22. There is someone you don’t want to meet
  23. You are worried about your job
  24. You are afraid you will be laid off
  25. You are worried about your marriage
  26. You don’t have any friends who understand you
  27. You are unhappy about your body
  28. People talk about you behind your back
  29. You smell bad
  30. People look at you funny
  31. Your dog hates you
  32. Your cat despises you
  33. Nobody likes you
  34. Your feet hurt
  35. You feel sad
  36. You do not want to go to work today
  37. You do not want to go to school today
  38. You want to end it all
  39. You want everyone to go away and leave you alone
  40. You think this list is a waste of time

Lists 2-10 will be in the back of the book after the Appendix.

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