Belief is what sustains us until we achieve certainty. We believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy until someone decides to let us in on these carefully kept secrets. We believe our parents are just and good until we have reason to learn the real truths of their lives. There is nothing wrong with believing things unless your belief prevents you from learning new things.

There are millions of people who believe that demons are real and will take over our lives if we let them. By demons, these people mean malevolent spirits and they are taught that only prayer will save you from these demons. These people are not entirely wrong. There are malevolent spirits who have been so tortured by their past experiences that all they wish to do is to destroy and create harm. These spirits are no more demons than the dangerous people whose lives have been destroyed by what they have done and experienced.

Many of the spirits I encounter in my spiritual counseling might seem to fall in the category of demons due to the characteristics they display and the enmity they display toward my clients. I do not exorcise them with some awesome ritual as the chosen priests in the Roman Catholic church will do. No, I engage them in a caring conversation, and then I locate the incident that overwhelmed them and changed them forever. Once that is accomplished, I get them to confront what they did that made them compromise their integrity and begin to live a lie. We then locate the confusion or false data which caused them to make the wrong decision, and they begin to regain their integrity.

The point I am trying to make is that I have never seen a being that was truly evil from the first moment of their existence. The being made a bad decision in the absence of true knowledge and has been asserting his rightness ever since. If you truly believe that certain people are not human like the rest of us, you can make decisions about them that are totally destructive and evil. If you do not believe that all life is connected and desires to live and create, you can be persuaded to destroy living things when there is no need.

In the same way, I have not encountered any angels or heavenly hosts. I have encountered beings who were worshiped as gods until they fell out of favor and lost the power to compel others and create miracles. I have encountered spirits who blew up planets and destroyed entire civilizations when they could not get their way. 

I do not expect you to believe anything you will read here or in my other books until you experience contacting the memories of a spirit in session. When you perceive memories of a stagecoach robbery, or the building of a pyramid, or the explosion of a spaceship in glorious color, you begin to realize that we have been around a very long time, and our history books were only written in the last few thousand years.

A few people have always been sensitive to spiritual matters, and they have kept the knowledge alive for those who chose to learn it. A greater number of people may only believe in spirits, but they experience enough in the way of uncommon insights and secret messages that they have assured belief. Those who would believe that all spirits are demonic are still very much in evidence, but their credibility is such that they cannot burn believers at the stake anymore. People who truly believe that spirits are demonic tend to shun those of us who simply perceive and talk to spirits daily. I have inlaws who fall in that select group, and they will have nothing to do with me for fear that I have something that is catching.

Unfortunately for them, spiritual companions are a mischievous sort and tend to jump from person to person if it amuses them. My spiritual companions will give them a wide berth, but they will pick up spirits from everyone they come in contact with. You may have noticed that I mentioned earlier that spirits will join you if you are doing something that interests them, and they will leave you and jump to others who are more interesting. 

I might as well come clean now and let you know that you have exchanged spirits with everyone you had sex with or argued with, or lived with. Actually, you have picked up spirits almost every time you visited someone in the hospital. I know this because when a client feels down after visiting the mother-in-law, the usual cause is due to picking up hostile beings from the mother-in-law. Visits from relatives often bring about transfers of spirits, and the new spiritual arrivals are often quite vocal in their disapproval.

We get used to our collection of spirits, and over time, we tend to view the situation as normal. When we pick up a new load of spiritual beings, it changes the way we feel and affects our emotions and our stability. So, whenever a client notices that they are not feeling as good as usual, I check for who they have just been with. The problem is usually solved when the visiting spirits are spotted and handled, but occasionally, the problem is due to the fact that one of the resident spiritual companions has been disturbed by the appearance of a visitor and his spirits. 

When you are an immortal being, you have a chance to make many mistakes and also make lasting enemies. You never know when you will run into someone you wronged or left smoking in a ditch, so be prepared to apologize or make up when this happens. As you become aware of your past and all of the things you did that you would not do now, you become a nicer person and are less likely to engage in repeat performances of your earlier mistakes.

If you wish to achieve certainty about spirits and your mutual history, just accept the information that appears and let the pieces come together over time. In session, I have seen people discredit an event which I could see clearly because the spirits speaking did not give the correct name or location. Information usually comes in thought or mental image form, but occasionally it will come as a short burst of information that contains a month’s worth of activity. This may come as a response to a question, but occasionally it will just be presented as you contact an individual spirit. You discover a spirit, and suddenly you have a concept of his entire purpose in being there. You hoped to discover the architect of a pyramid, and the being you contact is the caterer for the construction crew. Take what you can get and be polite. Every session will add to your knowledge and certainty.

I am trying to get you to see that there is an awful lot to learn from these spirits, and you will succeed as long as you keep an open mind and ask pertinent questions. By this, I mean ask questions that will resolve issues for the being and free him from experiences he is stuck in. I will dedicate an entire chapter to questioning spirits, but you need to know that your purpose in communicating with them is to free them from the confusions of the past. Asking them if they knew Archimedes is not likely to be helpful to them or to you.

What you should believe about spirits is that they are more like you than you might imagine. You will encounter deceased relatives and cosmic warriors from far-off civilizations. Just treat them as you would wish to be treated, and you will usually get along fine. If you start to feel that you are losing control, just get yourself into present time using your meditative skills and carry on. There is a great deal to discover as long as you don’t let your beliefs blind you to what has happened.

The only thing that might stop you from communicating with spirits and learning what they have done is the belief that you are violating some ancient agreement or sacred law.

Get over it and discover what is actually there.

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