Managing your spiritual companions is not optional. If you do not actively manage them or their effects upon you, they will control you. They do not choose to do this; they are compelled to respond to your environment because of the traumatic events they have experienced.

The spirits who surround you have died a million times, just as you have, but they have also collected some experiences that have discouraged them from ever taking an active part in being fully human again. Experiences like being burned at the stake for daring to be a healer or having your little baby brains being bashed in by wave after wave of raiders will discourage a being from active participation in the weird rite called civilization. All through history on this and other planets, there have been interludes that make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a Sunday School tale.

Those of us who are still running bodies and answering up to our names are probably in the minority, either because we missed out on the more gruesome events or because we like challenges and are terminally stupid. All I know from my viewpoint as a spiritual counselor is that there seem to be many more discarnate spirits than there are living human beings in every area I see.

Many of these beings are so crippled by their experiences that they are unable to offer sensible help. Their response to almost any change in the environment is to flee or to hide. Other beings so abused by life can only think to attack when presented by anything new. Others have emotional ranges from apathy to the glee of insanity and are not particularly helpful when you run into a situation requiring judgment and courage. If you want an example of a person being managed by their spiritual companions, take a close look at the behavior of a person exhibiting autism or dissociative identity disorder (DID). Somebody is in charge, but it is not necessarily the personality of the owner of the body.

In talking with individuals exhibiting this behavior, I have found the rightful owner of the body to be somewhat retiring and under the influence of other and stronger beings. These more aggressive beings will interrupt and take control when they feel the owner is attempting to emerge and respond to my conversation. The net result is that a form of possession exists, and neither modern science nor I have yet developed a humane way of intervening in the situation. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and chemical restraints are not humane and merely punish the person for losing control.

When a mob scene occurs in the person’s mind, rest and quiet seem to be more beneficial than strenuous treatment. I am sure that a spiritual solution exists, but my attention for now is focused on helping people stay in control of their spiritual companions and managing them so all concerned can win and gain spiritual freedom.

The important thing to realize is that DID and incessant daydreaming or loss of control and focus are merely different ends of the same spectrum. In one case, the spirits around the person are running the show, and in the other, the spirits are affecting the person’s behavior, and he notices this and strives to correct it. If you understand this, you will realize that management of spirits is not optional. It is a necessity.

If you are able to choose a life of peace and serenity, like a monk in a monastery, you will probably escape the results of environmental stimulation on your spiritual companions. If you choose to participate in life with all of its confusions, betrayals, and alarms, you need to be able to communicate with your spirits and ease their torment when it occurs.

There have been many approaches to this problem through meditation and prayer, but you may wish to use Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) which allows you to communicate directly with the afflicted spirits and free them from the incidents which exert control over them. This technology is discussed in the chapter titled SRT Solutions which gives you an overview of the steps needed to aid a spiritual being who is in distress.

Managing your spiritual companions is not optional. 

If you do not actively manage them or their effects upon you, 

they will manage you. 

They do not choose to do this, they are compelled to respond to your environment because of the traumatic events they have experienced.

Spiritual Rescue Technology will help you manage your spirits.


  1. Hans Burch

    Das SRT Problem kann nicht genug ernst genommen werden. Und doch kann niemand ihm entweichen. Warum also nicht hindurch und gewinnen. Die Lösung ist so einfach wie nur etwas: Die Wahrheit wird einem an den Kopf geworfen, man braucht sie nur anzunehmen und sich entsprechend zu korrigieren. Als Hilfe hat sich bei mir bewährt: wir sind sehr anpassungsfähig und vielseitig fähig. Da gibt es keine Probleme. Wir haben aber noch 3 zusätzliche Systeme, ich nenne sie Lebewesen, die sehr fähig sind, die wir aber nicht befehlen und zwingen können. Die Zusammenarbeit funktioniert aber perfekt. 1. die Umgebung, 2. den Körper, 3. den Verstand inclusive die Gefühle. Diese 3 Lebewesen können ganz eindrückliche Zerstörung und Verluste durchhalten müssen. Ohne dieses Verständnis wird das ganze Gebiet viel zu kompliziert.

    The SRT problem cannot be taken seriously enough. And yet no one can escape it. So why not go through it and win. The solution is as simple as anything: the truth is thrown at you, you just have to accept it and correct yourself accordingly. As a help, it has proven to me: we are very adaptable and versatile. There are no problems. But we have 3 additional systems, I call them living beings, which are very capable, but which we cannot command and force. But the cooperation works perfectly. 1. the environment, 2. the body, 3. the mind including the feelings. These 3 living beings can have to endure quite impressive destruction and loss. Without this understanding the whole area becomes much too complicated.


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