In my 45 years of spiritual research, I have run across countless cases where people received spiritual help that changed their lives. By spiritual help, I mean messages and helpful hints from spirits that saved them from harm or gave them an advantage in a challenging situation. As a result, I have total certainty that spirits can help us and we should take every opportunity to make it easy for them to help us.

I have even found to my surprise that some of the problems I encountered when providing spiritual counseling were the result of a spirit providing what he thought was help except that it was harmful to the person receiving the help. For example, one friend experienced body problems that were stopping her from taking action in some matter. On investigation, we discovered that a spiritual being was trying to help her by stopping her from taking this particular action. After discussing the matter with the spiritual being, we were able to come to an agreement, and the pain stopped. This started a further investigation into the matter of getting help from friendly spirits. The findings indicate that open communication with spirits would avoid help that was unwanted or unhelpful.

The more I looked into the matter of using spirits as a resource, the more I was impressed with the depth of the resources we could draw upon. If you are an average earth person, you have spiritual companions who have experienced almost every role in life, including rulers, scientists, politicians, healers, and assassins. In other words, whatever tasks you wish to undertake, you have beings available who have done them successfully and others who have failed at those tasks.

This means that if you are willing to consult your spiritual companions, you can draw upon the best way to accomplish almost anything and a good idea of what will cause your project to fail. Some of our most gifted inventors, like Tesla, seemed to draw upon these spiritual resources and come up with solutions that no one else seemed to know about. If you are a writer or an artist and you can draw upon your spiritual advisers, there is no end of ideas that are presented for your use.

I have enlisted a group of spirits who delight in working with me to expound about different subjects, using many different styles of discourse from scholarly and pedantic to airily mischievous. What makes this resource so useful is that writing about a new subject seems to attract more beings with an interest in that subject. In other words, my research and writing team seems to expand as it is needed. The more I write about an interesting subject, the more NEW ideas appear. Not all of these ideas will fit the discourse I have planned, but I can function as the senior editor and shape their contributions to fit my needs.

The ability to attract more spiritual support as needed is a welcome balance to the alternative activity, which is the abandonment by spirits who no longer are interested in what I am doing. I see this in my own life and in the lives of others. As you get interested in some interesting activity like beekeeping or fencing with sabers, you attract or wake up spirits with a deep interest in participating in that activity. When you move on to another hobby of the month, these beings will often move off, and you will actually lose any skills you had in that field. Your spiritual companions may give you information about a subject, but they are more likely to actually take over your body and give you the skills to perform activities you were not trained in. You may have the muscle memory of their activity, but you will not retain a full understanding of their skill when they depart.

When I was learning to cook vegetarian meals, I was joined by a spirit named Frank, whose last life involved being a short-order cook in Philadelphia. While he was my resident chef, my shopping for food took on a different aspect altogether because I was aware of vegetables that I had never eaten before. When working on meals, my food preparation was totally different than my usual fumbling around in the kitchen. It seemed like I only had to put the food out on the counter and pick up a knife, and Frank would take over. I likened it to commuting to work when I would get in the car and go on automatic until I arrived at corporate headquarters with little memory of the intervening miles I had traveled. With Frank, I would settle into happy spectator-hood while the meal was being prepared and then wake up to enjoy the feast. Now that I am no longer cooking vegetarian meals or any serious cooking at all, I have to do all the cooking myself as Frank has left for kitchens where real culinary skills are required. Frank does not do microwave cooking.

I first discovered how spirits can help and then abandon you when I went to college. When I was in Junior High School, my mother secured piano lessons for me, and although I resisted practicing, I became quite good and excelled at recitals. I could never learn to sight-read, but I learned a number of pieces of classical music and even learned to play ragtime, all from memory. When I was performing on stage, I used to get all sorts of images of composers from the past, but I did not recognize the source. All I know is that my mother was very proud of me and that I could play well enough to make little old ladies cry.

Somewhere in high school, I decided that I did not want to take lessons anymore and that I would just play when I wanted to. I felt I had acquired enough skills that I could play piano on my own. To my horror, a few months later when I tried out for a musical part in a high school production, I could not remember any of the pieces I thought I had learned. Since I had a really good memory for almost everything I have studied, I could not figure out why I had completely lost the ability to play the piano. I could remember what it felt like to play so well, but I could not remember any of the hand positions required to play the chords. I have the memory of a spectator but not the performer! I tried several times to recover my musical ability in college and failed again and again. It was as though I had never had the ability in the first place!

It wasn’t until many years later in session that I discovered that I had driven off my talented spiritual companion by refusing to continue my music in a serious way. In the last decade, since I have been working professionally with spirits, I have gained certainty that if you are getting spiritual help, it will only continue as long as you are actually using it and appreciating it. If you don’t appreciate the help and use it, you will lose it, probably forever.

Here is a lesson for those of you who wish to avail yourself of spiritual help. 

It is available if you ask for it and value it. 

If you recognize that a spirit is helping you, 

be sure to acknowledge him or her adequately and sincerely. 

I acknowledged Frank publicly the week he appeared, and our relationship was pleasing for both of us. When I moved from my home in Floyd, Virginia, to an apartment in Cary, NC and the Pandemic set in, we changed our lifestyle completely, and microwave and toaster oven meals became a regular thing. Frank quietly slipped away, and it wasn’t until I tried to cook a regular meal with all the fixings that I noticed he was gone. I am grateful to have known him and have learned how much difference a spiritual helper makes. I hope he has found a new berth in a kitchen that appreciates his worth, and I wish him well.

The bottom line here is that when you need a spiritual helper, and you ask for help, you may be able to pull the right spiritual being in. When you are no longer doing those tasks that the spirit enjoys doing, you will probably lose him. Be grateful for their assistance while it lasts. Just recognize that circumstances can change and that you and your spiritual companions may wish to move on to new challenges. Consider yourself fortunate to have had the experience of receiving spiritual help.

When you are no longer doing those tasks that spirits enjoy doing, 

you will probably lose them.

Be grateful for their assistance while it lasts.

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