Why Would You Want To Manage Your Spiritual Companions?

Why don’t we start by examining the various alternatives? I have had people propose an entire range of alternative solutions for managing our spiritual companions. Some feel that we should leave them in GOD’s hands and let HIM decide. Others take a more peaceful approach and feel we should just live and let live with each of doing our best and leaving our spiritual companions to work out what is best for them. A few potential clients felt that we should just leave these spirits completely alone and concentrate on leading better lives.

A few people we know have been convinced by their religious leaders that anything having to do with spirits is demonology and should be shunned. Somehow, they view disembodied spirits as being different from themselves and do everything they can to avoid dealing with the subject.

Unfortunately for these people who would ignore our spiritual companions, they exist and have a great deal of influence on our lives. We have the choice of managing them and taking charge of our lives or letting them do what their past experiences drive them to do.

Our spiritual companions are not at the top of their form. Many of them have suffered trauma that has driven them half-mad, and it doesn’t take much for them to get discouraged or upset even when they desire to help us. Almost every spirit you encounter has come down from a godlike state where they could freely create miracles to their present state of semi-consciousness where they shy at shadows and desperately try to hold on to their sanity. If you were to liken your spiritual companions to survivors of WWII concentration camps, you would not be far wrong. They are damaged souls and need care and understanding.

Their experiences have damaged them to the extent that they were not willing to take ownership of a body and take another whirl at being human. They have all kinds of experience, but you might say their confidence has been shaken to the point where they can only advise and caution you but are not willing to be in charge. They made mistakes which not only cost them their lives, but have shaken their confidence to the point where they are not willing to be human with a recognizable identity.

They become part of your entourage and help you project the beingness and identity that you consider to be yours. If you do not manage them in this endeavor, you get a mob scene, and they cause you to project an unstable and irrational personality.

Now some of you have identified your spiritual companions as departed relatives who have chosen to guide you instead of picking up bodies of their own. Now, you may be happy that grandmother is sitting on your shoulder advising you on your choice of friends and dietary habits, but very few of us are willing to be run by others, especially by invisible advisors.

Organizations run best when they are bound together by agreements on their purpose and leadership. All of the members will operate in harmony when these agreements exist. An organization without a leader and agreements on what is to be done is an unruly mob responding to external stimulus.

You and your spiritual companions are a group that can be a mob or an efficient team, depending on your leadership. If you do not abandon your group, you can achieve almost anything you desire. If you learn to manage your spiritual companions, you can harness their experience and their creativity, and you will learn that life is almost effortless when there are many beings to share the load of creating a worthwhile life and achieving goals at will.

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