Who are Your Spiritual Companions?

They include the spiritual beings who accompanied you when you began this lifetime. They include the spirits you have been picking up when you interact with others. They may include departed family members who are hoping to guide you and keep you from harm.

These spirits include your old lovers, your old enemies, various and sundry followers from when you were someone important, people you have killed, people you befriended, essentially almost anyone who decided that accompanying you was better than operating on their own.

There are many reasons that a spirit might choose to accompany you through life rather than choosing to animate and control a body of his own and all of these reasons made sense at the time.

Are you functionally different from these spiritual companions? Not at all. They all are immortal and have been reborn in different bodies until they decided that they could not face up to being a human being again with all of the responsibilities that this entails. They have been doctors, warriors, housewives, prostitutes, beggars, clerks, shepherds, missionaries, seamen, assassins, and holy men. They have led almost any kind of life you can imagine. They have lived on different planets and have worn alien bodies, just as you have.

Getting to know your spiritual companions is an adventure like no other because you will discover your own hidden past while you are discovering your own. In the process of working with your spiritual companions, you may discover that you have worn non-human bodies in the past and mechanical bodies as well.

You will definitely find that the history you have been taught does not include the information you will discover when you learn to communicate with your spiritual companions. You do not have to believe anything in this book, even though everything written here comes from communicating with spirits. I have been communicating with spirits for about 45 years and I discover new information about the history of the universe every week.

I urge you to take your courage in your hands and approach the spirits you encounter with a caring attitude, and you will find that almost all are willing to communicate with you if you manage to stay in present time. Some will be very helpful and a joy to work with, while others will be stuck in some terrible incident and will be hard to deal with.

The reason these beings are important to you is that they can be an incredible resource for you in every aspect of your life. Every person on this planet interacts with their spiritual companions every day of their lives, but the vast majority do this unknowingly. When you know your spiritual companions and learn to work with them, you gain an advantage over every other earth person who is ignorant of their existence.

Your spiritual companions have eons of experience in every field of endeavor. Why not learn from them and use their experience to make your life easier? You can learn from their mistakes and successes and save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort. If you can draw upon someone else’s experience, you can accomplish more and train yourself without having to learn the hard way.

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