The working title of this book is Managing Your Spiritual Companions and it will be Book 4 in the Spiritual Rescue Technology Series.

I intend this book to be a useful reference for anyone wanting to have a better chance of succeeding in life and I would like to get the information out to the public as soon as possible.

I expect the book to be published by August 1st in electronic form, but I will be publishing portions of the book in installments on three different platforms so you can use this material immediately and provide comments and feedback to improve the transmission of information as much as possible. Every book I have written has benefited from reader feedback.

The target size is 55,000 words which will be 200 pages in pocket book format.

The topics to be covered will include:

Who are your spiritual Companions and Why Would You Want To Manage Them?

And most of these additional topics:

Admiration And How It Relates To Managing Your Spirits

A Trained Team Is Far More Effective Than A Mob At Getting Things Done

Akashic Records

Aliens Among Us?

Alzheimers And Related Changes In Mental Functions


Axioms Of SRT

Beings In Robot Bodies And Machines

Brain Problems Vs Spiritual Problems

Can People Tell When You Are Paying Attention To You?

Can You Tell When Someone Is Paying Attention To You?

Can You Change your Personality?

Controlling Attention Is The Key To Successful Management

Controlling Your Attention And Behavior


Do You Need To Read My Earlier Books To Understand This Book?

Does Your Child Talk To Spirits?

Everyday Distractions

Examples From Life

Fake Histories

Fake Memories

Getting Yourself Into Present Time

How can You Get A Better Job?

How Can You Meet New People?

How Can You Tell You Are Not In Present Time?

How Do People Behave Who Do Not Believe They Have Spiritual Companions?

How Do You Establish Presence?

How Many Spiritual Companions Do You Have?


Life Force

Meditation Of All Kinds

Memories Of Other Civilizations

Mob Psychology Vs Well-Drilled Teams

Mobs Are Destructive Where Teams Are Constructive

Occams Razor – Simplest Explanation

Out Of Body Experiences

Past Life Memories And Past Life Research

Prison Planet?

Reliving Pleasure Moments

Sleeping Dragons

Spirits Affecting You From Far Away

Spirits In Your Body

Spiritual Possession

Spiritual Problems Affecting Your Body

Spiritual Rescue Technology – History And Purpose

Sudden Disastrous Illness

Teen Age Girl Radar

The Monsters Under The Bed And In The Closet Are Real

The Role Of Krc In Managing Your Spirits

The Use Of Reach And Withdraw In Managing Your Spiritual Companions

Thoughts Out Of Nowhere

Voices In Your Head


What About Devil Worship? Is It A Real Thing?

What Is Presence And Why Does It Matter To You.

What Is The Biggest Barrier To Understanding The Existence Of Spirits?

What Kind Of Spiritual Companions Do You Have?

What Part Does Your Brain Play In All Of This?

What Should You Know From Reading My Earlier Books?

Where Do Your Creative Ideas Come From?

Who Dresses You In The Morning?

Who Drives Your Car?

Who Helps You Type Your Reports?

Who Is Paying Attention And Why Does It Matter?

You Get To Take Your Spiritual Companions With You

You Perform In The Present Moment But Your Spirits Are Often Stuck In The Past

Your Managing Them Has Long Term Benefits

Your Spiritual Companions can Affect Other People’s Spiritual Companions

I welcome all of your comments and you should feel free to suggest any that I may have missed. If you would like to make suggestions in private, send me an email.

If you would like to help review the completed book or proofread it send me an email. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the published book.

David St Lawrence


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