Managing Your Spiritual Companions – Part Three

If you are going to manage anything, you need to focus on the present moment and actually “Be Here Now”. Otherwise, your attention will be on the past or on the future and you will not be able to control your spiritual companions.

Effective Management of Spiritual Companions Can Only Be Done If You Are In Present Time

To Get Cooperation From Your Spiritual Companions They Must Be In Present Time

Try managing something when you are angry or upset and see what the lasting effects of your action are. Try managing activities when you are sad or feeling betrayed and notice what happens. You will not be able to bring order and you will probably become overwhelmed. The physical universe is present time and that is why we get calmer when we have a chance to interact with the physical universe, especially living things.

Meditation, while putting attention on something real is the fastest way to bring yourself and your spiritual companions into present time. If you drill meditating every day, you will reach a point where you can reach the meditative state at will regardless of what is happening around you. You have to be fully present to accomplish this and to guide your spiritual companions to get their attention in the present moment as well.

Since being present is so important, I will list the essential steps for meditating to manage your spiritual companions.

  1. Stop whatever you are doing and hold your body still
  2. Put your attention on something in the physical universe that has no emotional content
  3. Breathe slowly in a relaxed fashion
  4. As you become aware of thoughts entering your consciousness, acknowledge them and direct the attention of these spirits to the same thing you have attention on.
  5. Continue 1 through 4 until you can see that all of your spirits are in present time with everyone focusing on the point you have selected. You will be able to tell when this occurs because you will experience peace of mind with no distractions.

Once you achieve peace of mind again, you will be able to intend something and it will begin to happen immediately. If you have been asking for assistance, you will get immediate answers. Each time you reach this state, the way forward becomes clear and answers will appear for all of the obstacles you have been trying to handle. I can almost guarantee that the answers you will receive will not be the ones you have been considering.

When you achieve a meditative state where you and your spirits are all in present time, this releases you and them from your fixation on past events. You will see solutions that you could not see before. This is not necessarily a stable state, but it will last long enough to begin to take action and resolve the issues you have been struggling to resolve.

Let me give you an example from life. If you are working hard and are not happy with your work environment and feel that there are people working against you, you need to meditate until you are completely in present time. When you do this, you will suddenly realize that you need to get a different job where your contributions will be realized because your boss is afraid of your competence and you make him feel threatened.

If you are so frightened that you cannot meditate, then you need to get spiritual counseling from someone who understands work environments. This counseling will allow you to get into present time and you will be able to change your future.
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