I made a new discovery this week because I was careless. Slight variations on ordinary foods can be as restimulative as taking poison!

I made myself a breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and lox, which I had done hundreds of times before, except this time I tried a new brand of lox which had a different texture and color than I had ever seen before and didn’t seem as attractive. I took only two bites of my breakfast creation, and the room started spinning almost at once. I couldn’t keep my balance, and within a few minutes, I became violently ill and stayed that way for several hours.

As you can imagine, this threw me violently out of present time, and my bodily distress kept me so occupied that I was not at my analytical best. Finally, I noticed that I was getting a flood of mental image pictures that turned on all kinds of unexpected emotions, like betrayal, degradation, and horror! These emotions were as strong as the nausea and spinning I was experiencing, so I realized I was not experiencing simple food poisoning.

My wife suggested I visit the local emergency room, but I realized there was no one there who could help me deal with what I now realized was a major restimulation of some horrific incident from my past. So in between bouts of discharging food, I managed to reconstruct the incident, which I will not describe further except to say that it occurred long ago and far away on another planet.

This reaction to a slight variation on food I had eaten many times before showed me how food can restimulate incidents from past lives, even when you have had many hours of counseling. I have been handling my past life incidents for 45 years and really felt I had handled most of the upsetting things I had done or experienced. To have this reaction from two small bites of food was a big surprise.

I realize now that small children can have this same kind of reaction to ordinary foods, and their rejection of these foods should be validated and honored. Small children can have scary past life memories, and these memories are more recent than you might imagine.

Food is one of the great sensory pleasures of this planet. If a food does not inspire joy when you look at it or taste it, do not force yourself to eat it. Food that turns on bad memories is not good for you.

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