Preparing For Your “Afterlife”

As you will eventually discover, the term afterlife is a misnomer, and that is why I put ironic quotes around the word in the title. You are a spiritual being, and as long as you keep on having one human experience after another, you will keep on experiencing after-lives or between-lives periods.

As soon as you start doing Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions or any other kind of past life explorations, you discover you have definitely lived before and have managed to forget the really grubby parts of your previous experiences. After all, who wants to remember lives spent in prison or slaving on an endless construction project? Being immortal has its downsides as you can collect a lot of experience making mistakes.

Even collecting memories of lives you spent exacting revenge and getting even for past insults can be boring, so self-imposed amnesia seems to be the preferred way to start each new life. After all, infancy and early childhood are difficult enough without being burdened with regrets from former lives. A fresh start as a clean slate with no memories seems to be the preferred state of most children, at least on this planet.

Those fortunate few who manage to retain skills from previous lives gain a degree of celebrity that can be hard to manage and imposes a burden of hard work and dedication on a child who would otherwise be playing with toys and engaging in mindless pursuits. While the rest of us were frolicking and daydreaming, those children afflicted with past-life memories were composing symphonies, painting masterpieces, and performing on various stages. Some were entering universities and earning degrees at the tender age of 9 years old or earlier. Searching the internet for “youngest college student” produces a score of names of these young overachievers.

So, does knowing your true past and retaining your memories into your next life help you succeed in living a life of power and prosperity? That depends on what you want to do with your next life. Do you want to go in blind and hope for the best, or do you want to retain enough of your past experience to be able to choose parents who will appreciate your talents and will support you in your endeavors? Unless you learn how to manipulate infant gender, you will have to accept the child your new parents produce, so you could locate the perfect parents and end up in a body that is a different gender than your present one.

There are a lot of choices to be made in selecting new parents. Do you want wealthy parents who can provide for all of your material needs, or do you go for supportive parents who are spiritually aligned with you and will do whatever is necessary for you to achieve your goals? If you are to live an extraordinary life, choosing parents who home school you is one way to get a great start on that life. You will certainly enhance their lives, but they will be facing challenges requiring the ability to think outside the box. Choosing parents who are spiritually aligned with you is probably more important than their material wealth.

If you are not their first child, you will cause unbelievable stresses in the fabric of family life unless you are adept at managing older siblings who are not as gifted as you are. If you are the first child, you will need to develop skills in managing your younger siblings, so they do not suffer from the difference in your abilities.

Your next life can be spectacular or rewarding in other ways, depending on what you wish to accomplish. It all depends on the challenges you wish to undertake. The choices are essentially unlimited. You can choose to become a child guru or prophet if you want to instead of becoming a talented virtuoso in some other field. You can also decide to remain hidden from view during childhood and only emerge when you reach an age where you feel you can command respect as a young adult. This latter choice may be more difficult than being a prodigy, but you may have a career path that favors stealth as far as revealing your capabilities at an early age.

The point I am trying to make is that you will determine the course of your next life by the choices you make now, and you can prepare for your next life, your afterlife, by increasing your spiritual awareness this lifetime.

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