An Old Engineer Looks At Angels

Your spiritual companions can be viewed as angels or demons or unnameable horrors. They are all immortal beings, just like you and I, except that they have had a rougher time of it than you have. We know this because they can no longer bring themselves to run and manage bodies. They are as real as anything else in this universe, and they contribute to your life in proportion to the responsibility you can take for them. You cannot escape them, and you need to learn how to utilize their special skills to achieve your goals in life. As a trained engineer, I view spirits as the ultimate resource for getting things done as well as the most pervasive barrier to success if they are not properly managed. As a spiritual researcher, I found the key to working with spirits was understanding they are like us, and they are willing to help us if properly motivated.

Since time began, we have all spent an amazing amount of time degrading ourselves while pursuing sensations and playing zero-sum games that have diminished us from our earliest heights of power. Some of us can still animate and manage bodies, while others can only ride shotgun and spend their time critiquing how we manage our lives. Some are helping us, and others are quite frankly messing with us. Others are just along for the ride.

We make our way through time and space of our own creation, and we drag along with us a collection of spirits who have attempted to overwhelm us and whom we have overwhelmed. Almost every act of creation has bound us inextricably to other beings. Those who sought a unity with us are still powering our dreams and everyday activities. Those who sought revenge or retribution are plastered on us like barnacles, slowing our progress and disrupting the harmony of our existence.

There are a larger group of spirits following on our heels, attracted by the commotion we create with our lives. They drift in and out of our lives and add flavor to our personalities with their competing intentions and purposes. If we are driven to create with a higher purpose in mind, we attract those spirits who have similar purposes. If we seek sensations, we attract spirits who pander to those sensations, and our lives become a search for more and more sensation.

If we perceive ourselves as messengers of some God, we attract spirits who follow that God, and we speak with authority as spokesmen of that God. If we have found a pattern of living that brought us power, we usually collect kindred spirits who magnify that power and we act in concert to maintain that arc of life.

If we have not found a satisfactory pattern for life, we lose all belief in ourselves or in a higher power, and we may seek answers in victimhood.

In the study of Spiritual Rescue Technology, we find the spiritual rules to releasing ourselves from past mistakes and working with other spirits to rehabilitate ourselves and create a future more to our liking. The first and most basic rule is that we are constantly affected by the spirits who surround us, and we either take responsibility for them and manage them, or we are the unwilling effect of their intentions and desires.

Since they all possess life force, they can be a tremendous resource for us and help us achieve our mutual goals if we manage them well. Managing spirits is a skill that can be learned and a team of spirits working in harmony is a beautiful thing to see. It is also extremely rewarding for all concerned, both for us and for the spirits who choose to work with us.

No matter what people call them, if you can harness the skills of your spiritual companions and apply them to real-world problems, you will create results beyond all expectations.

Read my book, Talking To Spirits, and see how it can be done.

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