Establishing Harmony With Your Spiritual Companions – Part Four

Your ideal scene should resemble a finely tuned team of contributing spirits who are cheerfully operating in accord with your wishes and who share in the creation of desirable effects in the physical and spiritual universes. You should be able to go from intention to final result as one seamless flow of activity, making adjustments on the fly as required and learning from the process, so your actions and effectiveness keep improving.

In this part, I will discuss how you can recruit and manage spirits to operate in complete harmony for maximum efficiency and pleasure. As I have mentioned before, caring communication is essential when working with spirits. Strangely enough, not everyone was able to grasp the meaning or the importance of this activity and continued to give orders to their spirits instead of bonding with them and setting them free. I have recently learned how to simplify SRT procedures so that you can easily develop trust with the spirits you are trying to help. The details are covered in the “Developing Trust With Others Series,” which you can find elsewhere on this site. However, I will cover the basic elements here.

The essence of a trust relationship is awareness of the other person’s emotions at all times and acting in a manner that strengthens the trust. The fact that you are using communication skills beyond the five human senses means that you need to be trained and practice until you can perform the actions effortlessly.

One of the most critical factors in creating trust is your state of mind. Having peace of mind allows you to transmit your feelings to the person or being you are trying to help. When you can reliably achieve peace of mind, you will be able to begin developing trust between yourself and any person or animal. Attempting to develop a trust relationship without first achieving peace of mind is a waste of time.

Trust, like admiration, is a phenomenon beyond the five human senses. It occurs when a person or being knows that your intention is to help them and not harm them. You might wish to think of this as telepathy, but it is a communication of your feelings to another being in a way that develops trusted cooperation.

You must maintain a clean intention that you are willing to help the spirit and respect their reluctance and any fears they may have. You must maintain your peace of mind while you are helping the spirit regardless of what they do or say. Your intention is what is important. If you have the right intention, your words will serve to let the client know what step you are on. If you are working directly with a spirit, you can probably run the process silently.

A person or a spirit can pick up your intention, and if you are living calmly in the present moment and intending to be trusted and helpful, the person or being will respond appropriately and will follow your instructions.

If you are operating in this manner, you can establish communication with any person or spirit by imagining that you are that person or being and continuing this activity until you can perceive what it is like to be that person or being. Repeat imagining you are this person or being until you are comfortable being them and know their intentions and why they have them. At this point, you will know what to say or ask to make the person or being happier. Their thoughts will come to you without asking for them. Do remember that you need to be aware of the client’s emotions as well as the spirits you are dealing with.

You need to stay in the present moment with your attention on everyone’s emotions while you maintain an intention of peaceful cooperation. You will know whether to ask if the being wants to leave the current situation or to continue working with the being who is operating the body, the client. If you have been maintaining your peace of mind, the client and the beings you are helping will cooperate, and the realizations and releases will come quickly. Some beings will desire to leave and may break away quickly without even saying goodbye. If you feel the release, just acknowledge their departure and take up the next step, which is to ask if any spirits want to join the client with his future projects. If you have been doing a solo session, you ask if the spirits are willing to help you and what are they interested in.

When you follow these steps, you will be enlisting spirits who are willing to help you and will work in harmony with the spirits who are already on board.

If, at any time during the recruiting cycle, you get resistance and negative emotions from other spirits, make sure you are securely in your peace of mind mode and locate the sources of disharmony for future handling. Do not stop handling the new recruits until they are free or securely onboard. Once the recruiting is complete, locate and handle the beings who are unhappy or disturbed. If you maintain your peace of mind, you will quickly resolve what has disturbed these unhappy spirits. It will usually be an unhandled incident that has gone into restimulation while you were recruiting new spiritual companions. You simply handle it and restore the spirit’s free will, and he will decide to become a recruit or go elsewhere.

You will notice that this is just a refinement of the SRT reach and withdraw process using easily understood concepts and terms that can be used with new people. One of the main differences is the stress on learning how to develop peace of mind through meditation and returning to that state during processing. You can read about achieving peace of mind elsewhere on this site.

If you are adept at achieving peace of mind, you will become instantly aware whenever disharmony occurs in your group of spiritual companions. The disharmony occurs when an engram is restimulated, so you merely have to locate the spirit who is showing signs of upset and handle the incident which has gone into restimulation. Sometimes, just a gentle inquiry of the being will enable him to blow the charge by inspection. At other times the being will realize it has been trapped and will wake up and leave of its own accord. You will know the situation is handled when a release occurs.

As you continue to develop greater harmony within your group of spiritual companions, you will experience a state of exhilaration that persists for longer periods of time. You will be able to go from intention to final result as one seamless flow of activity, making adjustments on the fly as required and learning from the process, so your actions and effectiveness keep improving.

You will be aware of your team, and they will be aware of you. It is a great state to be in.

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