Establishing Harmony With Your Spiritual Companions – Part Three

It’s time to revisit the basic cause of disharmony if we are to detect the different sources of disharmony in a group. The first step is recognizing that harmony comes from exchange. This may not be obvious, but harmonious activity requires a full and fair exchange between all participants.

Since you are supposed to be leading your group of spirits, it is up to you to determine what exchanges are occurring between you and your spirits and who do these exchanges benefit.

If a majority of the spirits surrounding you are stuck in past incidents and are projecting shame, blame, and regret, they will not have enough life force to help you with anything creative. As a matter of fact, spirits whose emotional tone level is below interest will not be able to engage in positive activities of any kind. These spirits will be a drag on you and every action you try to undertake. They will intentionally oppose any action that produces change/ These are the beings who make your life so difficult. Handling these damaged beings is a continuing activity as you will be picking up more damaged beings every time you attempt to help someone who is not doing well.

In fact, all you need to do is to talk with someone in the supermarket or on the phone, and you may find that you have picked up some new refugees from a person who is doing worse than you spiritually. That sinking feeling you get after visiting a friend in the hospital may come from the beings who spotted you in the hospital and decided to come home with you. Staying sane and cheerful is a continuing effort of spotting and handling the spirits who decide to attach themselves to you. After all, you brush your teeth every day and wash your hands to keep yourself clean. Why not plan on dealing with stray spirits when they join you and interrupt the harmony you are creating.

Fortunately, you do not have to arrange for daily or weekly SRT sessions if you learn how to do daily SRT solo sessions which will keep you in present time and on top of any actions that threaten your spiritual harmony. I have produced a free Handbook for SRT Solo Sessions which I will send to you on request.

You will use these solo sessions to handle any spirits who are not contributing to the harmony of your existence. The disharmony of some spirits will be very obvious because they will be causing you pain or worry or fear when you try to do something positive. You merely spot where they are located and engage them in conversation to find what incident they are stuck in using the SRT reach and withdraw processes to inspire trust and set them free. Any time you feel less than enthusiastic about what you are doing, you should check to see if you really know what you are doing and whether you have spirits who are upset. In either case, handle what is out until you are enthusiastic again.

Once you have handled the spirits whose actions are hindering your creativity, you should look for those spirits who are not contributing in any way to your success. There are often many spirits who are merely spectators to your daily attempts to make things go right. They observe and comment but do nothing to improve conditions or provide useful information. They contribute to the background noise and to negative feelings but do nothing useful. When you reach out to them, they do not respond or may resist answering when you address them. They are not contributing to the harmony of your group, so you should make every effort to remove them when you detect their presence.

You do not want a population of freeloading spirits as they are generally glum and useless, and they have nothing to contribute to your efforts to dominate the physical universe. As a spirit having a human existence, much of your efforts are dedicated to dominating and arranging the physical universe to give you pleasurable sensations and amusement. Non-producing spiritual companions are an unnecessary burden and should be discarded as soon as possible if they cannot be rehabilitated. Anything that hinders your ability to produce results should be investigated and purged.

Your ideal scene should resemble a finely tuned team of contributing spirits who are cheerfully operating in accord with your wishes and who share in the creation of desirable effects in the physical and spiritual universes. You should be able to go from intention to final result as one seamless flow of activity, making adjustments on the fly as required and learning from the process, so your actions and effectiveness keep improving.

In Part Four of this series, I will discuss how you can recruit and manage spirits to operate in complete harmony for maximum efficiency and pleasure.

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