Yes, you can run solo sessions yourselves, and many of you have learned how to do this just by reading the books I have written. But now, I have discovered a simpler way for you to handle the spirits you become aware of as your awareness increases.

The cruel reality of life on this planet, at least, is that you are surrounded by spirits, and you and your body are continually being influenced by these spirits to some extent. If you are certain that you are a meat body with a soul and will go to some other place when you die, you will suffer through life and continually wonder why bad things happen to you. You may never even wonder where certain strange thoughts and feelings come from. You will just go on hoping for the best and looking for a sign that someone is looking after you.

On the other hand, some of you have always been aware that there is more to life than making a body grow up and die. You see auras and energies that other people can’t see, and you are aware of spiritual beings and their efforts to communicate with you. You learn various spiritual disciplines in an effort to achieve peace of mind, and strangely enough, the more you achieve peace of mind, the more spirits you become aware of and the more telepathic messages you receive.

This is why Scientology Operating Thetans and other highly trained people get a bit strange in their advanced years. They are taught that getting rid of stray beings will increase their power and awareness. It certainly does that, but the supply of stray beings is infinite, so the more you remove by exorcising them, the more you are aware of how many still exist.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we regard these stray spirits as a resource that we can tap. When we free a being who is trapped in an incident and bring them to present time, we can recruit them to help us with our projects if they are willing to work in harmony with us. If their interests do not align with ours, we set them free to exercise their free will elsewhere. For example, if we free a spirit who is still set on conquering the world of science while we are happily pursuing a gardening career, we have freed ourselves of a constant distraction, and we can both continue our pursuit of happiness, but in different directions.

Since there is an ever-present supply of spiritual beings and we pick up more every day when we interact with other people and places, it is vital for us to learn how to do solo SRT sessions so we can handle beings as we become aware of them. I will be publishing a Handbook For Solo Spiritual Counseling Sessions – revision 4 to give you all of the details for setting up and running sessions, but I can give you the essentials now so you can see how this differs from the earlier solo process.

  1. Establish your peace of mind before beginning the session.
  2. Locate the being or beings who are in distress.
  3. Imagine that you are the being or beings until you fully understand what they are concerned about.
  4. Re-establish your peace of mind and intend that these beings will be able to trust you.
  5. Observe the being or beings while keeping your peace of mind in place until the being or beings show that they trust you. This will only happen when you have a clean intention to help them and be worthy of their trust.
  6. When the beings show that they trust you, ask them questions to help them resolve what they are concerned about. If you have maintained your peace of mind, you will know what is uppermost in their minds and will know what to ask to help them resolve their issues. 
  7. You may have to ask if they know they are immortal beings and are they willing to exercise their free will again. Would they like a fresh start elsewhere, or are they interested in helping you with your projects?
  8. Continue working with them until you both experience a release.
  9. End off or find a new spirit to work with.

3 thoughts on “CAN A PERSON SOLO ON SRT?

  1. Hans Burch

    Vielleicht kann das ja jemand übersetzen. (See the translation that follow this)
    Solo ist die einzige Art mit SRT vorwärts zu kommen, weil die Sitzungen nicht in einer 3/4 Stunde erledigt werden können und das Thema für einen Auditor zu belastend sein könnte.
    Das einzige, was hilfreich ist bei SRT, ist Wahrheit. Sie muss gefunden werden und getestet werden. Sie muss sich ohne Ausnahme immer bewähren.
    Was ich als grundlegende Erklärung habe, ist es gibt nur Materie, Bewegung und Freiheit. Daraus ist ein Lebewesen zusammengesetzt, das für immer existiert. Es fehlt ihm also nichts. Ein geistiges Wesen könnte da neidisch werden.
    Macht man sich an SRT heran, sind sofort andere Personen da, man braucht sie nicht zu suchen. Gewöhnlich stellen sie sich aber tot oder wollen nichts mit jemandem zu tun haben. Akzeptiert man das Verhalten der fremden Personen, werden sie einem bald einmal schwerste Vorwürfe und Schuldzuweisungen zu spüren geben. Das kann dann eine längere Zeit dauern, sollte aber durch Klären von Irrtümen und falschen Glaubenssätzen lösbar sein. Die Meinung, dass schlechte Leute bestraft werden müssten, war und ist auch heute noch weit verbreitet. Wir müssen bei uns selber Fehler korrigieren, das wirkt sich dann auf das Verhältnis zu den fremden Personen aus. Meistens entdeckt man dann, dass man früher eine interessante Beziehung mit ihnen hatte.

    1. David Post author


      Solo is the only way to move forward with SRT because the sessions can’t be done in 3/4 hour and the subject might be too burdensome for an auditor.
      The only thing that is helpful with SRT is truth. It must be found and tested. It must always prove itself without exception.
      What I have as basic explanation is there is only matter, movement and freedom. From this a living being is composed, which exists forever. Therefore nothing is missing to it. A spiritual being could become envious there.
      If one approaches SRT, immediately other persons are there, one does not need to look for them. Usually, however, they play dead or want to have nothing to do with somebody. If you accept the behavior of the strangers, they will soon start to blame and accuse you. This can then take a long time, but should be solvable by clearing up misconceptions and false beliefs. The opinion that bad people should be punished was and still is widespread. We have to correct mistakes in ourselves, which then affects the relationship with strangers. Most of the time, we discover that we used to have an interesting relationship with them.

      1. David Post author

        Hans Burch has grasped the simplicities of SRT and has posted an interesting comment in German. The only point I might argue about is that the sessions can be very short like 10 minutes and some will take much longer if the client is not really in good communication with his spirits.

        I agree that Solo sessions are the best solution for the widespread use of SRT. There are not that many certified SRT counselors, because I found that a person who wants to help will train themselves to use SRT and will do very well.

        If I am approached to train someone to be an SRT counselor, I will certainly consider setting up classes and an internship again. Right now, I would like everyone to become a competent solo counselor.


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