Establishing Harmony With Your Spiritual Companions – Part Two

If you have finally realized that life should not have to be so difficult, we can get on to the interesting part, which is how you fix the problem once and for always.

The first step is recognizing that harmony comes from exchange. I know this is not obvious, but harmonious activity requires full and fair exchange between all participants. Interestingly enough, there are many family situations where parents do not require exchange from their children. Instead, these parents carry the load of managing family affairs and caring for the people and materials of the household by themselves. These parents get used to doing everything by themselves and fail to recognize that harmonious family life is based on a fair exchange.

When an individual, whether in a meat body or as a free spirit, is in exchange with his environment, he can predict his future and is able to act in harmony with others and his environment. Beings who do not recognize the need to maintain a fair exchange with others are a burden on others and do not contribute to the harmonious actions of the group they are in.

You who are reading this article should be the leaders of your group of spirits. Do you know what you can exchange with your spiritual companions and what they should be contributing to you? Have you ever thought about your exchanges with the spirits who surround you and whisper advice and warnings to you? Would you like to have a tight-knit group of supportive spirits helping you and contributing to your daily efforts to control your life?

There is rarely any harmony in a group if the leader does not know the group exists and that he is leading it. Most of the meat-body people on this planet are unaware of their spiritual companions. Even those of you who are spiritually aware do not realize that you are surrounded by sentient beings who affect your every waking moment with their thoughts and concerns. These beings have painful and overwhelming memories of events that get triggered as you go about your daily life. Reading the news is enough to stir up old memories in most of us, so your morning dose of news can easily set the mood for a discouraging and upsetting day.

It is actually your job as the leader of this group of spirits to set the course of action to avoid disturbing things that are non-essential to your survival. One of your first actions is to avoid bad news that does not affect you or your family. Reading about conspiracies and alien invasions is as bad as a diet of horror stories. All of these produce negative reactions from your spiritual companions, which act on your emotional state and your health.

What this means is that if you are getting negative emotional reactions to any of your daily activities, you should consider stopping them and finding a way to calm your spiritual companions. Learn to meditate and make it a daily practice so that you can swiftly return to living in the present moment when disturbing events occur.

Once you learn to live in the present moment, you will begin to become aware of the messages you are receiving from your spiritual companions. By this point, you should take the opportunity to read “Talking To Spirits,” which is the third book in the Spiritual Rescue Technology series. This will give you an understanding of the many spirits who are accompanying you through life and will familiarize you with the many ways to communicate with these spirits.

If you are already aware of your spiritual companions, you should start observing them to see who is willing to help you and who is not being helpful. Those beings who are continually screaming in pain need to be handled, so they are free from the memories which haunt them and make your life miserable. This effort of handling troubled spirits can take many years, so you need to pay attention to those beings who are already trying to help you while you handle the beings who can’t help you.

In other words, creating a harmonious group of supportive spirits is a two-part activity. You have to handle the spirits who are actively blocking you from getting things done, but you need to keep your attention on beings who are helping you and learn what they need and want from you.

Little by little, you will establish order and achieve harmony among your spiritual companions, and you will make progress faster and faster as this occurs. After you handle the spirits who are actively sabotaging your life, you will be handling those who are just observing but not contributing to your welfare. Eventually, you will start experiencing the joy of living a fully satisfying life, and you will feel the exhilaration that comes with harmony among your spirits.

In Part Three of this series, I will discuss the different sources of disharmony among your spiritual companions and effective ways to handle them and optimize the harmony between you and your spirits.

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