Establishing Harmony With Your Spiritual Companions – Part One

After 12 years of research into spiritual matters, I am still uncovering new material about our relationship with the discarnate spirits who surround us. My latest discovery has to do with the problems that occur when your spiritual companions are not working in harmony and why that is actually your fault when this occurs!

Do you feel exasperated and overwhelmed by life? Do you feel like you are working alone against the world and its problems? Do you feel that your life so far is just one damned thing after another? Does your experience with getting help seem to be one step forward and two steps back? Do you find that your wins seem to evaporate after a few days with no visible cause?

I think I can show you what is happening and how you can finally take steps to end this unhappy state of affairs. This is an area that is invisible to Scientology and every other offshoot of that practice, and there is no rundown that I know of that will directly address what is going on. All of the processes I have seen in the past 45 years treat only the symptoms and do not restore harmony among your spiritual companions.

Here is a useful working definition of harmony as it will be used in this article:


  1. An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole.
  2. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another.
  3. A relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest.

Harmony is created. It is an intentional state. It requires support from all members of the group in order to exist at all and continuous support from the group to persist. This may be new to you, but harmony requires a leader to direct and manage the members of the group. The leader must motivate the group members to contribute to the harmonious activity and somehow acknowledge the members appropriately, so they continue to operate harmoniously. Please note that harmony depends on contributions from every member of the group in response to direction from the leader of the group.

Harmony, by its very nature, cannot be enforced. It is not a top-down activity with no attention paid to the origination of group members. It is a guided activity where the leader does the guiding and is aware of every effort contributing to the harmony. Those contributing to the harmony get rewarded by the recognition of their participation by the others who are participating. When a spiritual being does an activity, and others join in, this is actually a form of admiration, and this increases the life force of all who are participating.

If you have ever observed migrating birds, there comes a point where the birds finally organize into a harmonious pattern which they maintain for many hours. They move as if they were all connected in some way. There are no collisions, and they maintain their relationships in space while changing directions. If you have ever observed them closely, you would have noticed that they are in a state of exhilaration.

This state of exhilaration is observable in almost any group working in close harmony, whether a choir or a close-knit team of athletes.

When your spiritual companions are working closely together with you in support of the projects you are trying to accomplish, life is incredibly satisfying! Obstacles may appear but are quickly dealt with, and the handling of obstacles becomes a welcome part of the learning experience on the way to producing a final result. When your spiritual companions are working in harmony, life is continually interesting and exciting.

Your best indicator that your spirits are not working in harmony is that your life is hard and unsatisfying.

In Part Two of this series, I will discuss how to recognize sources of disharmony among your spiritual companions and different ways of establishing a harmonious group to work with.

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