Every Lifetime Is A New Beginning

Whether you believe it or not, you are a spiritual being having a human existence. Spirits are immortal, but living bodies have a finite lifespan. If you are reading this, you are having a human experience. You pick up a new body, usually at birth, and you dedicate yourself to being this body. Normally, you forget everything about your past lives when you pick up the new body. You give yourself a fresh start in this way.

Otherwise, you would spend a childhood filled with nightmares of past lives and past disasters. Even so, when you encounter things that remind you of past lives you may be haunted with images and impressions that have a great effect on you.

Some children bring useful memories from earlier lives and we call these fortunate few prodigies. Some bring horrifying memories from earlier lives and these children grow up to become monsters.

When you handle these memories completely with Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT), you close the books on past mistakes. Spiritual Rescue Technology allows us to communicate with spirits and free them from any horrifying incidents they are still stuck in.

Death by sickness and old age is usually not so traumatic that affects the next lifetime. It takes an incident with betrayal or overwhelming force to affect a person in his or her following lifetimes. The effects can be subtle, like a certain shyness that will not lift, or the effect can be noticeable like stuttering or uncontrollable terror in the face of seemingly normal events. The effects of incidents from previous lives can completely control a person’s behavior and turn a normal appearing individual into a terrifying and murderous killer upon being exposed to a triggering influence.

There are children who are born hating their mothers or fathers and the reasons are mystifying until you realize that such urges toward revenge come from prior experiences with the parent in question. These situations, as with many other mystifying conditions can be handled by addressing the persons past life experiences in the right way.

It is a huge relief to the troubled person and to their loved ones when the person is no longer dramatizing some long ago reason for revenge. It does not take a long and involved ritual to get to the seat of the problem. SRT processes use conversational techniques to help the person discover the true source of any upset, past or present, and bring matters to a peaceful resolution for all concerned.

If you just remember that each lifetime is a new beginning, you give a person a fresh start when you handle the incomplete cycles of their past.

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