An Unexpected and Unpleasant Discovery About Remote Perception Events

In the past few years, I created several remote perception events where we visited the backside of the moon and the 9/11 crash sites. We picked up all sorts of new information with no visible side effects as far as we could tell.

In the past few months, I took a group of participants to view meteor craters where we encountered long-dormant spirits. In subsequent events, we visited Stonehenge and later some sacred sites around the world. Our observations were less successful, and there were some unexpected side effects.

I terminated these visits after discovering that many of the participants were getting restimulated in two ways by participating in these events. The first mode of restimulation was from observing the site and having one’s spiritual companions getting triggered by the visit. The second mode of restimulation was from picking up spirits from the site. Our group was putting enough attention into these sites that we were waking up beings and attracting them to us individually.

One participant reported that he went into restimulation that lasted for weeks. I am providing him a free session to handle what occurred, and I am making the same offer to any participant who was restimulated by their remote viewing experience.

This unexpected restimulation can be mitigated in part during the remote viewing part by directly addressing the problem and making sure that all participants are back in present time at the end of the session. However, there is no easy way to determine if we have picked up spirits from the site without running processes designed to flush out new arrivals, and this is not practical with a large online group.

I am currently running repair sessions on participants who picked up hitchhikers from visiting sacred sites, as I notice a drop in tone level of all those who participated.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that I am sure we are not the only group that has been affected by spirits at remote locations. If you were to look at the history of other remote viewing groups, I wonder how many have disintegrated because of the beings they picked up doing remote viewing. Some of you may have already noticed this phenomenon.

This has even wider implications. Any time a group’s attention is directed to a location where violence has occurred, there is the possibility of attracting spirits from that location. Quite possibly, the lowered emotional tone we experience after revisiting some massacre site through a news report is the result of picking up stray beings who are still stuck in the incident.

Our ability to contact and retrieve beings from remote sites is still to be thoroughly investigated, but from my own experience, I can verify that we can easily pick up beings from those people we attempt to help.

The bottom line here is that we need to keep an eye on our spiritual companions, and if there is a shift in tone level, we need to take the proper steps to recover our optimum state of mind when we falter. Spending some time every day meditating is a good investment in your peace of mind.

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